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Welcome. I'm dedicating this journal to my Grandmother who took her last earthly breath a few moments ago - Sept. 26, 2017 @ 12:26am - she's a big part of the reason I'm on this path.

Now her Soul Shines bright as she hangs her Star of Light.

The Soul Shine Journal is where you'll find news and updates from Sunshine on the - the bridge between the seen and unseen.

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And let your Soul Shine!

Strengthen Immunity

Strengthen immunity by supporting your body's natural defenses with herbs, spices and simple supplements.

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Soul Bright

We can shine soul bright when we focus on the bright side of our collective power.

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The importance and perfection of the Lord's Prayer, according to Robert Schuller, is that it deals with the six most destructive human emotions. Can't argue it!

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Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is the time to connect with the invisible power behind the Radiant Sun. For sensitives, it's a good time to make contact with Angelics and Masters.

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Prayer Is

Heal and enrich your life, the lives of others and of the World through an unlimited, dynamic, spiritual resource! That's what Prayer Is.

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Spring Equinox

Activate the seasonal energies of the Spring Equinox by aligning with the natural cycles of Earth and Sky.

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The spiritual message of Easter is for everyone.

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Deep Soul

Go deep with Deep Soul - the free monthly subscription to feed your Soul.

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Feeling broken can be a catalyst for discovering who we really are and what we're capable of. Sometimes we are "broken to be more beautiful".

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An Unlikely Minister, I don't know why I'm called, yet I am, and this is what I know...

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Spiritual Advancement

Evolve your soul now through spiritual advancement.

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Soul Wisdom

Open the door to your own inner knowing, your soul wisdom.

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