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 Sun Signs 

The Sun Signs are named for the twelve constellations that appear along the ecliptic plane as the Earth travels around the Sun. Called "the womb of the solar system", these named signs make up the zodiac or circle of animals.

The energetic effects of the Sun Signs help us develop through our ability to absorb and portray their various characteristics. They give us a wide range of opportunity for  personal and custom experience.

Our Sun Sign (designated by our birth date) shows our fundamental nature and is a major aspect of our energetic profile. It is the filter through which all other energies are interpreted and utilized.

The following descriptions are a basic overview of the energetic qualities of each Sun Sign. The characteristics are influenced by other planetary placements in one's birth chart.

For more about the Sun Signs, see Planetary Influences

Sun face

The Pantheon of Sun Signs

Aries - Mars. March 20-April 18. Elements: masculine, cardinal, fire.

Qualities: Energetic, independent, driven, competitive, courageous, direct, impulsive, impatient. Strong starters but poor finishers. The idea person - they often need others to help implement their plans while keeping them engaged.

They need to temper their intolerance, arrogance, dominance and anger.

Taurus - Venus. April 19-May 19. Elements: feminine, fixed, earth.

Qualities: Patient, reliable, dedicated, practical, hard-working, stubborn, responsible, capable, loyal, sensuous, caring and refined. They love comfort and aren't afraid to work for it. Social and down-time is a must. They need to be surrounded by beauty.

They need to guard against materialism, greed, possessiveness and the development of bad habits.

Gemini - Mercury. May 20-June 20. Elements: masculine, mutable, air.

Qualities: With quicksilver Mercury, expect a lightning fast mind, often hopping from one topic to another. Strong in their thoughts but always willing to entertain new ideas. They are expressive, witty and versatile. They thrive on communication, mental stimulation, new adventures and learning. 

Said to have a double personality, they must guard against fickleness, scattering energies, mental overload (stress), gossip and insensitivity.

Cancer - Moon. June 21-July 21. Elements: feminine, cardinal, water.

Qualities: Nurturing caretakers, devoted, emotional, intuitive, protective, sensitive, secretive, loving and giving. They are dedicated to their homes and families but also need their own space. They need to be needed and appreciated.

They should beware of being taken advantage of or of being over-sensitive, lazy, selfish, or reclusive.

Leo - Sun. July 22-August 21. Elements: masculine, fixed, fire.

Qualities: Vibrant like the Sun, likes attention, proud, generous, honorable, fun-loving, creative, romantic, can be flamboyant and dramatic. They like excitement and are sociable. 

They should guard against vanity, pretense, immaturity, cruelty and belligerence.

Virgo - Mercury (some say the yet to be discovered Vulcan is their 'ruler'). August 22-September 21. Elements: feminine, mutable, earth.

Qualities: Practical, helpful, hard-working and capable. They are detail oriented, analytical, organized, adaptable problem solvers. They also love to socialize and be entertained.

With the tendency to be perfectionists, they should be wary of being too critical, petty, nit-picking, selfish or brooding.

Libra - Venus. September 22-October 22. Elements: masculine, cardinal, air.

Qualities: Good natured, peace-loving, friendly and fair. They are imaginative and artistic. They appreciate balance and beauty, weighing out their judgements to accommodate others. They have a keen sense of humor and can be generous to a fault.

They should guard against self-sacrifice when it could mean self-sabotage. Other concerns would be apathy, indecision and discouragement.

Scorpio - Pluto. October 23-November 20. Elements: feminine, fixed, water.

Qualities: Perceptive, often psychic, their emotions run deep and endure. They are passionate, resourceful, discerning and intense. They love to influence others with their talents and adept understanding. They will be loyal unless betrayed, then lookout, you may get stung! Scorpios never forget.

Be wary of possessiveness, jealousy, suspicion and vengeance.

Sagittarius - Jupiter. November 21-December 20. Elements: masculine, mutable, fire.

Qualities: Outgoing, enthusiastic, generous, adventurous, freedom-loving, carefree, and joyous. They love people and enjoy making new friends and having new experiences. For a good time call...

They should guard against excess, blind trust, impatience and aggression.

Capricorn - Saturn. December 21- January 18. Elements: feminine, cardinal, earth.

Qualities: Practical, dutiful go-getters with a good head for business. They are respectful, capable, disciplined and authoritative. They teach by example and want their friends and family to be an asset to them. They like tradition and are good providers.

They would be wise to watch for becoming overly stern, demanding, unforgiving, stubborn or egocentric.

Aquarius - Uranus. January 19-February 17. Elements: masculine, fixed, air.

Qualities: Rebellious, unpredictable, freedom-loving, changeable, inventive, idealistic, logical, motivated, and unconventional. They are  humanitarian minded and may become committed to evoking positive change to help others.

They should guard against becoming stubbornly opinionated, over-zealous, unreliable, cold and bored.

Pisces - Neptune. February 18-March 19. Elements: feminine, mutable, water.

Qualities: Helpful, compassionate, artistic, romantic, emotional, psychically inclined, dreamy, secretive, philanthropic, sensitive, caring and giving. Needs alone time to process emotions and aspirations.

Watch that you do not allow others to take unfair advantage of your kind nature. Be wary of pessimism, self-pity, introversion, deception, addiction and being unrealistic.

Special note:

If you are born within seven days of another Sun Sign, you are on the cusp and are under the influence of both signs to some degree. Read them both to get a more accurate picture of your energetic "sponsors".

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