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The Multifaceted Self

We each are a compilation of attributes which converge to become a personality - a multifaceted self. We see ourselves as individuals, a singular self. We identify our self by "me" and "I". Others identify us by our face and name. It is accepted that we are who we think we are in this life.

But we are much more than a single persona. We are multidimensional beings who have lived in many different arenas of creation. We have had many forms and many personalities. Spirit is our essence and we are immortal. We are made "in the image" of our Creator. We have been blessed with the "gifts of Spirit".

If we look into eternity and see other lives we have lived, we will wonder how we could have existed as a different personality in a different body and still have our unique self that we call "me". How can that person be me? I am the only real me!

Our spirits have and will continue to have many lives to express ourselves in, to learn from, to experience creation, and evolve throughout eternity. As we evolve as souls, we form many personalities, or selves, along the way. Knowledge gained is cumulative. Everything we do, say and feel matters because it is forever a part of us AND a part of the universe.

"....the lives you have lived are not you, while they are of you."  Seth from The Nature of Personal Reality

Although these other selves may seem separate from us, they are indeed an integral part of us. A lot of the "voices" we hear in our heads (sometimes they're considered random thoughts, sometimes 'entities') are different aspects of our multifaceted self.

We call our ruling self the ego. The ego is our primary identity - our self awareness, the "I". We could say that the ego is the head of our conscious state, the Governor. Some of our other aspects of self are more dominant than others. They have more of an influence over our daily thoughts, perceptions and decisions than others. They may act as representatives of some of the less noticeable aspects of our being.

These overlooked or repressed parts of the multifaceted self can cause problems of various degrees if they are continually ignored. That is why it is important to LISTEN to your inner self and to pay attention to your thoughts and emotions. Meditation is invaluable to self realization.

Repressed aspects can become like naughty children who will act out to get attention. All they really want is validation, recognition, consideration and maybe some love!

Aspects of personality are REAL living parts of us. Some may be active in "other lives" as egos or dominant aspects, and our current egos may become dominant in other bodily lives and parallel lives.

Our spirit is the source of our multifaceted self from which all of our aspects originate. They collectively form our soul. Yet we are ONE being. Just like the phases of a single life, from infancy to elderhood, are One life.

Multifaceted Self - the Psychedelic U

Multifaceted Self

Our spirit can be likened to a sun, with each life emanating from it as a ray of intelligent energy. Together it is one big shining entity! It is a micro-model of Creator and creation. Patterns are replicated throughout existence, creating forms and forming realities.

We can draw on the wisdom and knowledge from our other lives by connecting to our higher self, our Soul Wisdom. We also benefit from the experience and talents we have developed in other lifetimes. Some are latent within us and can be re-discovered with some effort on our part.

Many bring these talents to the forefront with seeming ease. Child prodigies, great thinkers and philosophers, those that excel in their chosen fields...these adepts are putting their 'natural' talents and abilities to work for them.

Have you noticed that some things just come naturally to you or that you only need a little prompting in a subject before it seems second nature? Or you wonder how you know things, or that some things or people seem SO familiar to you? Give thanks to your multifaceted self. Yeah, you HAVE been there, you HAVE done that.

Personality Balance

You may find parts of yourself that you do not like. Acknowledge them, but do give those aspects a dose of realism. Talk to them just as you would your misbehaving child. Don't let them off the hook, make them explain themselves to you, then set them straight. Don't allow negative "voices" in your head to influence you. Instead, you influence them! If an inner voice puts you down or tells you to do something that you know is wrong, it's time to take a defiant stand. Do not give in but DO explain why.

We usually do have conflicting aspects within our multifaceted self, how can we not? Most of us find a balance and our ego keeps rivalry down. Some of us have 'two minds about everything', then we have internal conflict. If you can agree about the important things, just like in a marriage, you'll come out okay.

I have personally struggled with two minds, and have wondered...who is in my head besides me?!!! Is it because I was born under the sign of the twins? Or that there were two placentas present when I was born? Where did my twin go? Is it parasitic? Maybe I just needed extra support this time around.

There IS another dominant me. We argue quite often! It wants to play devil's advocate over everything. It's very critical. In fact, it wants me to delete the above paragraph (which, by the way, I have changed a few times).

There is always a conversation going on in my head, so sometimes I don't hear what others outside of me are saying. They don't realize that I'm already in a conversation! It really annoys my husband. (kidding, kinda)!

On the other hand, the dual self has an upside. It helps me see and consider many sides of an issue. It can talk me out of being a jerk or help me let someone off the hook. It can point out new ways of looking at something and helps me 'elevate' my mundane thinking. Plus, it has a great sense of humor and keeps me entertained.

Decision making can be hard when you have two distinct personas within. This is likely why I turned to my higher self for guidance. To me, that is the most important part of me. Now I value my 'other' self, we have learned to get along. After all, we ARE part of the SAME being - a multifaceted self! We understand each others' point of view.

Now that I've exposed my inner crazy, I want to emphasize that balance can be achieved. Integration is worth the effort. Talk it out. Once you accept and explore your multifaceted self, you can truly tap in to your own divinity and unlimited potential.

You can align your conscious mind with Higher mind, and gain a greater perception, rise above worldly thinking, resolve inner conflict and enhance your natural talents. Meditation is the tool to help accomplish this.


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