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Color Guide

Color Guide Contents:

 Energetic Qualities

White - purity, purification, protection, wholeness, exposure, unconditional love, brilliance, devotion, clearing, holy.

Excess - harshness, overwhelming, invasive.

Silver/grey - knowledge, high mind, idealistic, executive power, portal, deflective protection.

Excess - manipulation, coldness, dismissive.

Red - Symbol of life, primal energy, fire, strength, vitality, passion, justice, sacrifice, aggression, will, confidence, courage, heat, expansion, stimulation, stamina, sexual energy and reproduction.

Excess - anger, insomnia, force, conceit, crass, callous, hyperactive.

Pink - love, affection, gentleness, nurturance, acceptance, kindness, success.

Excess - self-centered, self- gratification, lazy, dreamy, unrealistic.

Peach - peace, friendship, openness, generosity, warmth, hospitality.

Excess - denial, people pleasing, passivity.

Orange - joy, enthusiasm, sociability, tolerance, optimism, motivation, concentration, productivity, contentment.

Excess - giddiness, impractical, exhibitionism, destructive.

Yellow - intellect, clarity, learning, cheerfulness, logic/reason, self-control, strength of mind, critical thinking.

Excess - narcissism, superiority, nitpicking, overload/burn-out, intolerant.

Gold - wisdom, mastery, achievement, reward, prosperity, manifestation power.

Excess - greed, power hungry, false power, false security, self aggrandized.

Green - growth, nature, health, money, balance, peace, harmony, luck, refreshment, renewing, nourishment, abundance.

Excess - greed, envy, excess, strangling growth (cancers, tumors)

Blue - universal love, calm, trust, wisdom, emotional health, goals, steadiness, fairness, sensitivity, honesty, service, speech, conservatism, chivalry, compassion.

Excess - constriction, retraction, repression, shyness, sadness, apathy.

Navy Blue - loyalty, friendship, comradery, integrity, compassion, devotion, honor, contentment.

Excess - overbearing, dark emotions, pride, depression, futility.

Clear, Bright, Blue - protection, emotional strength, humanitarian love, inner joy and satisfaction.

Excess - material indifference, irresponsibility.

Light Blue - peace, spirituality, inspiration, gentleness, soothing, tender love, adoration.

Excess - immaturity, laziness, powerlessness.

Turquoise - Focus, determination, regeneration, inspiration, represents balance of earth and sky.

Excess - uncaring, wildly aloof, uncompassionate.

Indigo - mental expansion, intrigue, mysteries, psychic development, going within, searching, discovering, subconscious mind.

Excess - detachment, insensitive, delusional, aloof, sarcastic, dreamer.

Purple - Clairvoyance and other psychic abilities, intuition, visionary, spirituality, religious devotion, mysticism, abundance, mastery, creative, deep thinking/contemplation

Excess - dementia, cruelty, perversion, fanatical, self-righteous, manipulative.

Magenta - quickening, expressive, magnetic, bold, brilliant, powerful, fortunate, dynamic, receptive and active.

Excess - selfish, snobbish, sassy, unwavering, delirious, inflated ego.

Brown - earthy, material security, strength, work ethic, competence, steadfast, dependable, business savvy.

Excess - stubborn, lethargic, dull, indifferent, careless, mean.

Black - protection, boundary, formality, dignity, introspection, transmutation, fertile field of creation, void, possibilities and probabilities, rest, reprieve.

Excess - seclusion, misunderstanding, confinement, repression, sorrow, sense of loss, intensified aggression, violence.

Therapeutic use of Color

This chart is based on traditional and modern use of color therapy.

Please realize that this information is not meant to replace professional care. All serious conditions should be evaluated by a health care expert.

Red - blood disorders, anemia, circulation, liver, depression, physical strength and stamina, stimulant, protection against cold and illness. Use with care, avoid overuse, can over stimulate and irritate.

Pink - self love and appreciation, emotional healing, forgiveness.

Orange - fatigue, lungs and chest, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, cholera, digestion : utilization of nutrients, pain, cramps, bone health, tonic, laxative.

Yellow - strengthens nerves, digestive system : intestines, stomach and bowels, laxative, diabetes, lymphatic system, mental lethargy, liver and skin.

Green - restorative, balances system, strengthens heart and circulatory system, high blood pressure, ulcers, neuralgia, eyes, pituitary, mental/emotional balance.

Blue - antiseptic, cooling and calming, reduces inflammation, fever, infection, throat problems, speech problems, tension, hyperactivity.

Indigo - pineal gland, sight and hearing, nose and smell, skin problems, mental/emotional problems.

Violet - headaches, blood purification, spleen, brain illness and injury, mental disorders, meningitis, insomnia.

White - cleansing, purifying, all conditions of mind and body, protection from the "poison arrows" of others, use for unknown conditions.

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Color Applications

Decor and clothing:

The colors in our everyday surroundings influence our emotions and moods. Too much of a color may have a negative impact. Try not to over use a single color even if it is your favorite.

Lighten up dark rooms, brighten up bland rooms. Use accessories like blankets, pillows, towels, rugs, curtains, art, etc. to bring more colors into your environment.

In choosing colors for your decor, keep in mind the purpose of a room and what kind of energy you want to generate. A bedroom should make you feel relaxed and therefore not be too stimulating. A kitchen and dining room should be conducive to health and digestion while a living room would benefit from a more social atmosphere.

Balance is the key. Avoid over-saturation of a dominant color. Make sure the colors you use make you feel good, otherwise you won't be able to enjoy your space.

Look at your wardrobe, do you have a color theme? I'm really bad about wearing the same colors. I'm not in to wearing flashy bright colors, they just don't feel natural to me as a rule. I do try to incorporate brighter colors by using them in small amounts, like in a print, or under clothes.

Think in terms of a rainbow. Try to use a variety of colors in your day to day life. Use jewelry, hair and other accessories to utilize color. Alternate clothing colors on a regular basis.


a color or color combination around yourself to receive its benefits. I use this technique regularly. Use white or bright blue for protection. Use pink between yourself and another person to heal relationships or give support. Use blue for relaxation and to help bring down blood pressure. etc.


Eat and drink a rainbow of naturally colored foods. This will give you a wide range of nutrition. Avoid processed foods for the most part because they are full of unhealthy additives and dyes.


Infuse water for drinking and for baths or soaks to get specific color benefits. You can use colored bottles, jars or covered glasses filled with good water and let sit in a sunny place for at least one hour to infuse. If the sun isn't available, use light projected onto the vessel. They must be transparent, not opaque, in order for the light to penetrate the water.

Colored films can be used to cover a clear glass container, just be sure to cover it completely. For a bath, you can add a gallon or so of infused water. For drinking, try doses to start. Increase amounts as needed.


Colored lights can be used for color energy. Light can also be projected through colored transparencies and onto specific parts of the body. Do not underestimate the power of color.

IMP. NOTE: Light waves are also sound waves which penetrate, alter & influence the energetic systems of the mental, physical & emotional body & should be used with care. It is recommended to seek assistance from experienced practitioners before "treating" yourself or others with light therapy.

For more information on chromotherapy, visit Dinshah Health Society

Color can also be used by candle burning and in meditation.

The Power of Color



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