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The Moon Through the Zodiac

The Moon through the zodiac refers to the journey of the Moon as it passes through each astrological sign during its orbit of the Earth.

The zodiacal wheel is a complete circle of 360 degrees. It is divided into twelve sectors for each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Each sector is 30 degrees. The Moon's orbit is approximately 28 days so it passes through each sign's sector in about two and a half days.

As a reflector of light, the sensitive Moon reflects the energies of each sign as she visits their sectors. The Moon rules instinct and emotion, thus the energetic mood and attitude of the sector she is in influences us on those levels.

The following list shows which activities are favored due to the Moon's position in a given sector.

Zodiacal Influence of the Moon

  1. Aries - Bold. A good time to initiate positive moves, new ideas and to establish your expectations. Be on guard against arguing or bossiness but don't be afraid to stand up for what is right.
  2. Taurus - Security. Tend to things that are important to you and that you want to endure. Don't allow yourself to be pressured. Take time for personal enjoyment.
  3. Gemini - Communication. You might feel restless. Pursue activities that include others or that cause you to exercise your brain. Socialize, play games, travel or study.
  4. Cancer - Home. Take care of domestic affairs and those that you love. Resist becoming ultra-sensitive or moody. Cook dinner and relax, enjoy your home and hearth.
  5. Leo - Recognition. Appreciate yourself and others - and let them know it. Go all out to make someone feel special. Dress up and go out. Avoid excess drama. Unveil your creativity and let your light shine.
  6. Virgo - Detail. Determine what needs to get done and how to best accomplish it. Weed out, restore, figure out and tend to your affairs. Be careful not to over-criticize. Show off your ability to get a job done RIGHT.
  7. Libra - Balance. A time for cooperation and beautification. Be sociable, amicable and artistic. Dress up your domain, go shopping with friends, visit museums or other places of interest. Balance work and play.
  8. Scorpio - Intensity. Deep heartfelt conversations are in order. Avoid becoming overly emotional or jealous. Put your all into things that are close to your heart. A good time for study and meditation. 
  9. Sagittarius - Adventure. Pursue your interests, enroll in classes, take a trip or go on an interesting outing. Take along friends or meet new people. Time for fun and activity. But be cautious of excess.
  10. Capricorn - Organization. Time to take care of business and responsibilities. Be careful not to become too strict or 'by the book' that you override human sensibilities. Put your ducks in a row and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!
  11. Aquarius - Freedom. Express yourself freely. Try new things but don't go overboard trying to break all the rules or by pushing your ideals onto others. Good time to break new ground and make the changes you require.
  12. Pisces - Sensitivity. Emotions may rule the day, but don't be so sensitive that you slip into hiding to sulk. A good time to rest, take it easy, meditate, help others or tend to your spiritual needs. 

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