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Power of Nine

9 is the mystic number of the universe. The power of nine in numerology is completion and mastery, the final phase of a period of growth. As a symbol of the universe, it contains all numbers or phases of experience. That's why it's considered the number of initiation, graduation, progression, knowledge and universal love. It is the number of the adept and of "magic".

In numerology, every number is reduced to a single digit by addition. Ex., 34=3+4=7, so the number 34 has the energetic quality of 7.

Any single digit added to 9 equals itself: 6+9=15/1+5=6. Any number combination added to 9 also comes out to the same final number: 44=8/44+9=143=8; 683 also equals 8 (6+8+3=17=8), 683+9=1682=17=8. Indeed it is a magical number. Nine is the energy behind all things, the energy of perfection, creation and the supernatural.

Ascension through Numbers

Ephesians 4:9,10 "In saying "He ascended", what does it mean but that he had also descended into the lower parts of the earth? He who descended is he who also ascended far above all the heavens, that he might fill all things."

Counting forward from 0-9 and aligning the exact reverse, we end up with 9 in each instance. You can get a feel for the number qualities when in combination through this numerical graph. As all numbers are contained within the number 9, so are all 'lessons' or challenges.

0+9=9...substance of all life(0)everything that exists(9)

1+8=9...beginning of cycle(1) blueprint for life(8)

2+7=9...cooperation(2) and learning(7)

3+6=9...expression(3) and support(6)

4+5=9...stability(4) and activity(5)

5+4=9...expansion(5) and organization(4)

6+3=9...service(6) and joy(3)

7+2=9...spiritual(7) harmony(2) of ideals(1)

9+0=9...completion/mastery(9) resource(0)

It is said that physical manifestation is realized through the law of reversal. In order to achieve material results, we must reverse our energies. Ex., from thought to action; calling down the forces of the universe to employ them through a sequence of motion which operate as a reversal of energy. Static becomes active; subjective becomes objective.

0-9 descending brings power to the physical level while 0-9 ascending reaches out for knowledge, understanding and power. With the completion of each step, we move onto the next with additional insight. 0 representing the void, the unformed reality, the pre-birth status.

The first descending through the numbers is the 9 month gestation period - spirit into flesh. The 0 that begins formation, is the womb. In the womb you are still part of the whole (the mother). When you emerge from the birth canal (the tunnel), you are separated from your 'source' and begin as an independent life form. A new cycle of 9 begins.

[When we leave the physical form, we journey through the spiritual 'umbilical cord', "the tunnel", also called the silver cord. It connects us to our bodies.]

The first breath starts the (1) 'I Am' energy. You begin the path of ascension through your life path back towards the source.

Each step has a parallel, it's opposite/compliment pole. The first completion of the 9 month formation which comes from the spiritual source(0) = wholeness and completion into a new cycle of awareness(1). The number 1 has its polar link of 8 which represents the life plan.

Moving up the ascension ladder, you have 2 - the necessity of partnership with the polar link of 7 - feeding of the mind. 3 is playfulness while being under parental care - 6. 4 is the settling into routine with the activity of the 5. 5 is expansion while having a steady foundation - 4. 6 becomes more responsible in relationships, while 3 brings self expression. 7 inspires discrimination with the guidance of the 2. 8 makes achievements while gaining independence - 1.

9 has come to announce the culmination of one phase of life experience, with all the tools needed(0) to advance into the future. Those lessons/tools are carried over into the next cycle - 10, which marks the entry into double digits which opens up to a whole new world of influence and a new cycle of the power of 9.

Cycles of 9

This new cycle of 9 carries the energy of number 1. The years from 10 to 18 are motivated by independence and self identity. These years still have the 1-9 graduations of energetic progression. Ex., 10=1+0=1; 11=1+1=2; 12=1+2=3; etc.

Each cycle begins at the end because there is no END. Life is a circle. Each cycle is a continuation of the last. The continuous cycles become a spiral as the energy progresses. Each cycle of 9 is another step in evolutionary learning and advancement. We take something from each prior cycle into the next.

The power of nine IS the power of creation in action. The universal swell that keeps everything in motion. The energies that we call numbers, keep balance and order in all realms. They are all combined into the 9. Now that's power!











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