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Hi, Ela here - I'm so glad you chose to click on this page - coz I'm excited about starting this e-letter!

I know, I know, every website has a free newsletter (I'm subscribed to a few myself), so why should you choose mine?

Well...I'm hopeful because you did click on this page to see what it's all about AND you're on this site so you must be interested in my topics - so, I'd say you might be a kindred spirit!

From my diverse pages you can see where my head's at - but what you don't see is the piles and files of writings that I've amassed over - well - I don't even want to tell you - ok - at least 35yrs.

Add to that, the many awesome experiences and encounters I've had along the way - so I'm bursting at the seams to share with serious seekers and like-minded peeps.

If you're interested in getting into the Deep Soul with me, here are a few things I have planned: 

  • Monthly & bimonthly issues
  • Mystical experiences
  • Spirit Talk: teachings and messages
  • Special Editions
  • Tips, Tidbits & How-to's
  • Topic expansions
  • Site updates
  • Archive access
  • Fun stuff

AND your Deep Soul journey is 100% risk-free!

My guarantee:  I promise that I won't give, sell or trade your email or any other personal information without your express permission.

If you find at any time it's not for you - it's SO easy to unsubscribe.

And if you don't receive your issues, check your junk folder as sometimes things get thrown in there for no obvious reason. If it does, be sure to whitelist it. If you can't find them, let me know.

Ready? Let's go deep - Soul Deep........

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