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Levels of Mind

The three levels of mind can be represented by the Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Of course we know there's no life without a mother, She is represented as the 'Holy Ghost', the subjective subconscious mind.

1) FATHER - Superconscious mind

This is the High mind, the Godself, the Spirit which we call the higher self. This is the part of us that is connected to ALL life, the direct link to the Source, the Creator. It is the Father within, the Christ consciousness. "No one gets to the Father except through me."

This level of mind is your personal part or spark of Divine Mind - the spirit that animates you - the eternal self. We align with higher mind to access TRUTH, WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE.

2) SON - Conscious mind

Of all the levels of mind, this is the one we identify ourselves with in the Earth plane and operate from. This is the waking mind, the ego, the focus personality, the "reasoning" mind. It is the persona that we develop during the Earth walk.

The mortal mind perceives physical reality by focusing on this dimension of being. Our awareness "vibrates" to this conscious field of energy so that it is real to us. It is a temporary state of mind/being.

As we develop consciously, we can connect to higher frequencies of mind which expands our perception to encompass greater realities - to experience life beyond the physically apparent.

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3) MOTHER (HOLY GHOST) - Subconscious mind

The hidden self, the sleeping mind. The record keeper - where all thoughts, feelings, events and perceptions are stored. The memory storehouse, all memories conscious and unconscious, seen or unseen are registered there.

Most of our beliefs about the world are formed in the first five years of life based on the data compiled subconsciously through outer experience. Reality perception is based on subconscious beliefs. It is where our dreams come from.

This mind is a powerfully fertile ground where seeds planted here grow fruit. It does not analyze, it just accepts. Like a computer program, it gives back what it receives without discrimination. All of our life's programming has residence there. These programs CREATE our reality. It uses our beliefs to give us what we're "asking" for.

It holds images and energetic patterns which influence our emotional responses, attitudes, habits, behavior, etc. These energies are out-pictured to reinforce the reality of them - essentially manifesting them in our world of perception, bringing them to life.

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The TRINITY - Unity - wholeness

The levels of mind work together to form who we are. They function on different vibratory levels but are unified and overlapping. They each play an important part in making our reality available for our experience. Integrating the minds brings us a sense of wholeness and awe. We can explore our minds through meditation.

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