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The Power of Affirmations

AFFIRMATIONS - the use of words to confirm; to assert as truth; positive declarations.

"Your Word is Your Wand" Florence Scovel Shinn.

The spoken word is the combined energy of thought and intent set into motion by action. We've heard, "thoughts are things", and they are. Thoughts create. Even more power is given to our thoughts when they are released from us through speech. Speaking them gives them life outside of us. They carry our intent with them, they are activated, energized. They are free to travel without us, gathering energy, living beyond us. Others give energy to our words when they think about them and/or repeat them. Our words create; they influence.

Words are energetic forms that we sling-shot outward and they boomerang back to us bringing their accumulated energetic results back with them. Yet people ramble on aimlessly, putting many mixed messages out on the ethers. We never imagine that we are planting seeds of every sort which produce many and varied fruits - some taste great while others are bitter or sour. We then wonder why things are so crazy in our lives. (Sowing, reaping) Their power goes unnoticed by the unaware.

This truth was clearly demonstrated to me years ago. When the topic of a certain family member came up, I'd always say, "He's a pain in the ***. After awhile I noticed that I would get a pain in my *** whenever he was involved with me in any way! That was my awakening. I said, "Oh, I see!" I saw the light - the power of words. (Not to imply that I watch all my words perfectly.)

Knowledge IS Power.

Affirmations are powerful tools. They can be used for healing, confidence, life change and invocation. We can change the way we think and respond, literally re-training our brains. Our minds will accept our affirmations as fact when we present them as fact.

It may take time depending on how readily we can convince ourselves of the validity of our statements. Repetition, sincerity and how embedded the beliefs you want to change are, (i.e., false beliefs about yourself, others or your life.) are all important factors. The impact you make is up to you. Your efforts will pay off. Your quality of life CAN change.

Our thoughts about ourselves can keep us down. We can make ourselves feel inferior, lonely, undeserving, unlovable, incompetent, dumb, poor, worthless, etc. These thoughts are crimes we commit against ourselves (or others against us) that further cripple our esteem and abilities. STOP NOW!

YOUR time to shine is NOW. Stop telling yourself lies that defame you. Treat yourself with love and respect. It starts within and radiates outward. The beliefs we hold can make or break us. So choose to BE the person you desire to admire. It is a choice. If you need love, give it to yourself and you will attract it to you. If you need confidence - affirm it! You are the master of your domain - create it the way you want it to be. Use the power that is given to you. Use your words to empower yourself. Tell your mind what to think!

We are each precious to the Creator, treat yourself accordingly.

Create your affirmations

Decide what belief you want to instill into your subconscious mind (where beliefs are stored and played out).

A well designed affirmation is represented by the four C's:

- CLEARLY - simply spoken, easily stated.

- CONCISELY - brief and tight, to the point. Avoid excess words.

- CONFIDENTLY - show certainty, project factuality.

- COMFORTABLY - use words that make you feel good, words that you respond joyfully to.

Affirm your statement daily:

- Upon awakening

- Anytime you think of it

- When you feel doubt... relax, breathe and affirm (then smile)

- before sleep

Use your emotions to make an impact on the words. Be sure to FEEL the result as if it has already occurred. Remember that you are creating with the ENERGY of your thoughts and words. Only project positive words and images. The energetic quality is how your efforts will manifest for you. In other words, if you feel doubtful, you will receive doubtful results. In addition, you are programming your subconscious mind to agree with you. Your mind forms your reality by what your subconscious believes.

And DON'T worry! BELIEVE - ACHIEVE - you have the power!

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