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  • Adept - One who reaches an extraordinary level of skill; Masters of a craft.
  • Affirmation - A positive statement designed to influence the mind and energy around and within a person to help bring about a desired change.
  • Akasha - Sanskrit for Primordial Substance. The Prime Element of Creation from which everything else is derived.
  • Akashic Records - The record of everything that has ever been created or experienced, including every thought, word, emotion, movement, form and action. Also see Hall of Records.
  • Alchemy - Transmutation through elevation. The secret of alchemy was symbolized by turning base metals into gold. See also the Great Arcanum and the Philosopher's Stone.
  • Alignment - The making of adjustments to get into a certain wavelength or mindset; i.e. "aligning with higher mind".
  • Amulet - An object that is charged with a particular energy to attract a desired condition; usually worn or carried.
  • Apparition - A visible spirit or ghost.
  • Apport - A token materialized from the spirit world, made popular through seances in Spiritualism.
  • Arcane - Ancient secrets; esoteric.
  • Astral - Greek for star; a fine etherial-like substance which is usually invisible to the physical senses.
  • Astral Body - Also called the etheric double, body twin or Ka (in Egyptian philosophy). It is identical to the physical body of an organism but made up of a finer substance. It is connected to the body by the Silver Cord, allowing it to come and go until it is severed at the time of physical death.
  • Astral Light - The invisible aura that encompasses the physical universe; where the Akashic records can be accessed.
  • Astral Plane - The realm just beyond the physical where we find ourselves when the physical body dies. This is the realm of nature spirits, elementals, fairies, spirits that haven't "crossed over" and other non-physical beings. 
  • Astral Projection - Purposely leaving the body through focused intent; the ability to travel astrally.
  • Astral Travel - When the astral body temporarily leaves its physical host through projection, sleep, hypnosis, illness or accident; can happen consciously or unconsciously.
  • Astrology - The study of the positions, movements and relationships of celestial bodies and their effects on human and earthly life and cycles.
  • Attunement - Tuning in to a particular wavelength or state of mind; energetic synchronization. 
  • Aura - The vital force which emanates from a being; can be seen by some sensitives but is more often felt as a presence.
  • Aureola - Golden crown; Auric emanations often seen around the head; halo. 
  • Auric Field - An electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds an organism.
  • Automatic Writing - A form of channeling in which a disembodied being guides the hands of a subject to write certain words, phrases or texts; related to Psychic Writing
  • Autumn Equinox - The first day of fall denoted by the Sun's position at the equator in which day and night are considered equal in length.
  • Bi-location - When a person appears in two different locations at the same time; when the astral body appears at a different location than the physical body.
  • Book of Secrets - The Qabala, an ancient esoteric system of knowledge - one of the major sources of mystic knowledge throughout earth time. Also spelled : Qabbala, Kabbalah, Cabala, with each version being spelled with or without two B's and/or ending with H. 
  • Caduceus - The staff or Hermes/Mercury; Ancient healing symbol used as an emblem for the medical profession; the image is of a staff representing the spine or core being, encircled by two snakes, representing yin and yang energies, their eyes meet at the third eye region where the wings of the soul are spread. Simplified, this symbolizes that health is achieved through the unity of the mind, body and spirit as their energies are balanced and aligned. 
  • Cartomancy - The use of cards for divination.
  • Ceremony - Ritualistic procedures to invoke certain energies for a predetermined purpose.
  • Chakra - Sanskrit for wheel; the energy vortexes of the astral body which correspond to the nerve centers of the physical body and regulates it's energy system. 
  • Channeling - The ability to receive and relay information from higher mind or discarnate beings through writing, speaking, painting, singing, etc. A mediumistic phenomena achieved through one of many levels of trance.
  • Cheiromancy - Palmistry; the observance of the shapes and lines if the hands to determine character qualities, tendencies and future possibilities.
  • Chi - also Qi or Ki; life force.
  • Christ Light - The White Light; Divine Light; the pure essence of love which provides guidance, healing and protection.
  • Chromotherapy - The use of color energy to influence conditions in the body and mind.
  • Clairaudience - Clear hearing; the ability to hear speech and sounds that are not audible to others.
  • Clairsentience - Clear Sensing; the ability to 'sense' or perceive subtle vibrations.
  • Clairvoyance - Clear vision; the ability to 'see' energies, events and beings without the use of normal vision.
  • Conscious Mind - The mental awareness of a person in their awake state.
  • Colorology - The science of the effects of color on humans, plants and animals.
  • Cosmic Consciousness - Universal consciousness; the expansion of awareness that occurs when the true nature of life becomes evident and the mind becomes unselfish and seeks only to be of service. Also called Christ consciousness.
  • Cosmic Sound - Music of the Spheres; the 'heartbeat' of the universe.
  • Cosmos - The animated universe.
  • Council of Light - Beings of High Mind who serve as beacons and Counsels to seekers; Hierarchy.
  • Deja Vu - French for already seen; the feeling or memory that one has already experienced a moment in time. Psychologists claim that it is a trick of the mind called paramnesia; to metaphysicians, it is more likely that the memory is the result of astral travel.
  • Deva - Sanskrit for Shining One; a god-like being; an elemental order of the Hierarchy, said to be present in all planes of being.
  • Dimensions - Other realities or planes of being that are not normally perceived from an earthly standpoint.
  • Divination - Any technique which is used to uncover current or future conditions or probabilities.
  • Divine - Emanations of the Creator; pure knowledge, pure love; the power and intelligence of life.
  • Divine Mind - The mind of Creator wherein all life exists; All space and time, knowledge and experience, the Oneness.
  • Divine Providence - Knowledge and understanding from the Divine.
  • Divining Rod - A metal rod or stick used for dowsing.
  • Dowsing - The use of an instrument such as a stick, rod or pendulum to locate water, minerals or to receive information.
  • Dryad - Wood elemental; sprite that lives in trees.
  • Ecstatic - Pure bliss; merging with Divine mind.
  • Effigy - A representation of a being or spirit helper usually crafted in stone, bone, shell or wood carving that is carried or used in ceremony to exemplify the presence of the being or power it represents; Fetish.
  • Ego - The 'I' principle; self identification; sometimes referred to as the conscious mind.
  • Elementals - Nature spirits; they are between the angels and humans; considered by some to be the "lower" angelics.
  • Energy Centers - Chakras; the energetic plexuses of the body where the astral and physical combine.
  • Entity - An individual, intelligent being; usually used to describe a disembodied being.
  • Equinox - Day of the year when the sun is positioned at the equator causing the day and night to be of equal duration; this happens twice a year, marking the first day of spring and of fall.  
  • Esoteric - Greek for inner or within; hidden truth; secret knowledge of the ages which has been protected, regulated and preserved by secret societies throughout time; mystical occultism.
  • E.S.P. - Extra-sensory-perception; the ability to perceive without the use of the five physical senses.
  • E.S.P. Cards - A deck of five each of five different symbols : circle, star, square, wavy lines and a cross, used for E.S.P testing; also called Zener cards, named after their designer.
  • Ether(s) - In Sanskrit : Akasha-tattva; the principle element  which interpenetrates all things.
  • Etherial Music - Music of the Spheres; the sounds created by the movement of celestial bodies; also, the music of the angelics.
  • Etheric Double - Generally referred to as being the Astral body, but thought to be one of the finer bodies of man.
  • Fairies/The Fae - Nature guardians of the astral plane; Astral devas.
  • Feng Shui - Chinese system of guiding one's luck by using the knowledge of the energetic influence of the elements, landscapes, objects, etc. to create health, wealth and happiness; means, wind and water. 
  • Fetish - An object that represents a certain quality, ability or spirit that has special significance to the owner.
  • Ghost - An apparition of a deceased entity; often the residual image of an emotional imprint existing on the astral plane left behind by a spirit who has crossed over into another plane.
  • Graphology - The reading of one's character and tendencies through the forms and style of penmanship; handwriting analysis.
  • Great Arcanum - The great esoteric secret of alchemy was a spiritual one, to transmute the mundane man through spiritual practices in order to become the adept in the earthly plane and the divine man in subsequent planes. 
  • Grounding - to synchronize one's energies with those of the earth as a form of spiritual protection.
  • Group Mind - Soul Group; kindred spirits within the same evolutionary cycle.
  • Guardian Spirits - Spiritual beings or guides who act as protectors to humans.
  • Guru - Sanskrit for teacher; specifically a spiritual teacher and  guide; 'gur' means to lift up.
  • Hall of Records - The place where the Akashic records are accessible to humans; they appear to us as a huge beautiful palatial library made from marble and gold.
  • Heart Center - The forth major chakra; the energy center residing in the mid-chest region.
  • Heavens - The etheric planes.
  • Hierarchy - The varying levels of intelligent forces throughout creation; Emissaries of Light.
  • Higher Self/Mind - Superconscious mind; the divine part of a being.
  • Holistic - Same as wholistic; the integration of mind, body and spirit.
  • Holy - Perfectly and completely pure.
  • Holy Water - Water that has been purified and imbued with cleansing energy through prayer and special treatment; traditionally, water that has been blessed by a priest.
  • Horoscope - a circular diagram showing the positions of the planets and other celestial phenomena at any particular time, used to forecast life qualities, challenges and events.
  • I Ching - Ancient Chinese system of wisdom and divination based on the interaction of yin and yang energies; the Tao in motion; book of changes.
  • Illumination - A state of higher awareness or consciousness.
  • Imaging - Creation of a thought-form; projecting an image onto the psychic field.
  • Incantation - A poem, song or chant designed to influence spiritual forces to help achieve a goal; usually thought of as a spell.
  • Incarnate - A spirit that is embodied in the physical world.
  • Infinite Spirit - The unknowable and unending spirit of life - God.
  • Initiate - One who advances to a higher level of confidence, purification and ability within a particular group or system.
  • Inner Self - The wisdom within; the essential self; the God-mind connection.
  • Intuition - Awareness or knowledge gained through extra sensory means.
  • Invocation - Prayer, chant or ritual to attain spiritual aid.
  • Invoke - To summon.
  • Iridology - The study of the markings. coloration and patterns of the eyes (esp. the iris) to determine the health of the body.
  • Ka - Egyptian word for the body double or astral self.
  • Kabbalah - Same as Cabala or Qabala; The levels of life beginning with the first expressions of God, the Angels, the worlds and humankind; also called The Law; see Book of Secrets
  • Karma - Sanskrit for action; The law of cause and effect; karma is accumulative over lifetimes until all is balanced.
  • Kelpie - A mischievous water spirit; Scottish.
  • Ki - Same as Qi or Chi; the life force. 
  • Kinesiology - A technique of communicating with body intelligence through muscular response to receive answers to questions pertaining to health; also called muscle testing.
  • Kirlian Photography - A photographic technique that captures the energy fields or auras of 'living' organisms.
  • Knome - A guardian of the earth residing in the astral realm; they sometimes appear to humans with a flesh-like image.
  • Kundalini - Sanskrit for circular power; it is depicted in it's dormant state as a coiled serpent located in the root chakra; It is a vital spiritual energy which, once awakened, helps humans reach higher planes of awareness.
  • Law of Attraction - One of the natural laws which states that like attracts like; a method in which one projects the energy in various forms to attract desired goals.
  • Laying on of Hands - A healing technique in which the "healer" uses physical contact of the hands to channel energy into the recipient's body.
  • Lemniscate - Symbol of eternity and the harmony of polar opposites; it's shape is the figure eight set on it's side.
  • Levitation - The raising of an object or person without physical aid.
  • (The) Light - Pure essence of love; higher wisdom and consciousness.
  • Light Beings - Helpful beings of the Light who aid mankind in the quest of spiritual evolution.
  • Light Workers - Humans that work with higher mind and benevolent forces for the good of the whole; administrators of Light.
  • Logos - Divine Fire; the three-in-one primal energies of the Creator which established all fields of reality; Holy Trinity principle.
  • Lunar - of the moon; from the Roman name for the moon, Luna; represents yin energy.
  • Magic Mirror - Mirror of Solomon; a polished object or reflective substance used to view psychic images.
  • Magi - Priesthood of ancient astrologers and psychic adepts.
  • Magic - The focused intention to create or cause things to happen through the practice of ritual or sacred rites.
  • Magician - One who purposely and with success, can influence outcomes and situations by working with natural forces.
  • Mantra - Divine speech; sacred sounds arranged to affect energetic states around and within the practitioner.
  • Master - One who is adept in their chosen field; one who has elevated their consciousness and ability into higher planes or awareness and understanding.
  • Material Plane - Physical world; the densest plane of reality; the seventh world.
  • Materialization - To bring something intangible into tangible form; a mediumistic phenomenon in which the energy of a medium assists in the appearance of a spirit or object.
  • Medicine bag - A bag or pouch containing sacred items of an individual or group; these items have a special power and significance to the carrier.
  • Medicine People - The wise teachers, healers and advisers of spiritual knowledge and understanding for healing on all levels; healers.
  • Medicine Wheel - The movement of spirit energy through a life or cycle, and the lessons, challenges and opportunities therein; a tool for personal evolution; Specific teachings vary among tribal groups.
  • Meditation - Deep contemplation; a technique to enter higher mind and commune with spiritual and angelic beings; also used for health reasons, relaxation and centering.
  • Medium - A sensitive who can hear, see and sense discarnate beings, often with the ability to be a channel.
  • Mental Plane - The Manas plane; pure mind and pure thought where only positive thought exists; the fifth world, between the astral and intuitive.
  • Metaphysical - Beyond the physical; dealing with the nature of existence.
  • Metatron - Considered the head of the angelic realm; said to have given the Qabalah to Adam.
  • Metempsychosis - Transmigration; the transfer of a spirit into another body, human or other, at the point of death.
  • Mirror of Solomon - A polished dish used for seeing into the future and attaining answers; scrying.
  • Monad - Greek for unit; a Divine spark; a microcosmic unit of intelligence; an individual spirit.
  • Muscle Reading - To retrieve information through muscular reactions to a thought or substance held or other stimuli; kinesiology.
  • Music of the Spheres - The notion that every atom has a sound which when combined with other atoms, creates a melody; in Pythagorean philosophy, each of the planets emitted a sound, and as they moved, they created the 'music of the spheres'; cosmic sound.
  • Mudra - Sanskrit for seal or symbol; a yogic hand gesture which is said to open or influence energetic pathways in the body.
  • Mystic - One who pursues a path of spiritual knowledge and communion with the Divine.
  • Mystic Triangle - Same as the Star of David and Solomon's Seal; the descending triangle and the upright triangle combined to represent the union of heaven and earth, male and female, spirit and flesh; the soul of man.
  • Mystical - Practices, tools, concepts and outlooks related to mysticism.
  • Mysticism - Practices, such as meditation, to bring one into communication and union with divine forces to perceive truths behind and beyond the physical life; the quest for spiritual enlightenment.

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