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 Prayer Is...

What is prayer but a petition for supernatural help. Prayer is a call to a Higher Power in order to receive what is hoped for. That's why it's also called invocation - we are literally invoking a power beyond our own for purposes of spiritual or Divine support.

Used every day, it helps us to keep our thoughts and attitudes in line, thus it is a lifeline for us to stay connected to our own spiritual health, growth and strength...and it keeps us alert to our divine nature and purpose.

No matter what your religious affiliations may be, prayer is an undeniable force of good.

Prayer is:

Universal - it is not confined to any religion or belief system. Anyone can benefit from it. Whether you are calling on your image or understanding of the Creator, Master Teachers, Saints, or Angels, etc. - you are heard and can receive assistance, guidance and the answers that you seek.

Flexible - it is not limited in application or expression. There aren't any requirements or special circumstances necessary. Come as you are. Or you can set up a certain atmosphere, an altar, or create a meaningful ceremony. Or pray spontaneously.

Short or long, morning, noon or night, anytime, all the time, the time is always right!

Personal - it is between a person and their Deity and/or their spiritual helpers. One can let down their guard and bare their soul. There are no secrets in Divine Mind. The Creator and our guides love and accept us unconditionally. They know us intimately. We can be completely comfortable in our interactions with them.

Personalize God. God doesn't mind what you call "Him" as long as you connect.

We are a power station within ourselves and when we combine our power of intent with our spiritual allies - results happen, sometimes they are miraculous in nature.

Purpose of Prayer

Prayer is used to bless, make requests, reinforce efforts, protect, alter, elevate, create/manifest, heal, forgive, resolve, uplift, peace of mind, inspire, comfort, soothe, strengthen, enliven, purify, guide, restore, receive, etc.

It's purpose and power is unlimited!

Types of Prayer

Praying Child Angel

Petition - asking for personal help, intervention, understanding, knowledge, guidance, healing, etc.

Intercession - asking for assistance for others - to intercede on behalf of someone else, to fulfill their needs, give them guidance, strength, healing, etc.

Thanksgiving - expressing gratitude, happiness, love and devotion. Thankfulness enriches the soul, the self and life in all its forms.

Two-Way Prayer -  asking for direct communication to receive answers, guidance, messages, inspiration, interaction, knowledge, etc. Meditation, inspired writing, and divination fall under this category.

Universal/Planetary - asking for intercession for regions, countries, peoples, the Earth itself, planetary inhabitants and systems, the bio-field as a whole.  see Bank of Consciousness

Levels of Prayer

1- Spoken: aloud or internally.

2- Melodic: singing, chanting, mantras, voicibles (tonal sounds and syllables).

3- Visual:  I'm quoting Dr. Robert Schuller here because he says it so well:

"Here prayer enters the realm of the imagination and mind. A mental picture takes place of what you've been praying about. Prayer has to get into the level of dramatic metaphorical visualization we call "scenic imagination" - the level where miracles happen. It's the level where healing takes place - of the body, of the mind, of the memory, and of the soul."

Our 6th sense is imagination - "it's a sense that transcends time and space. The other 5 senses are locked into a time and space frame, but the 6th sense is eternal." 

True Prayer Is...

This illustration is also by Robt. Schuller and quoted from "Living Positively One Day at a Time"

"You are in a boat
You approach the shore
You throw the anchor out until it digs into the sand.
You take hold of the anchor rope and pull on it until your boat slides onto the sandy beach.
You have not moved the shore to the boat, you have moved the boat to the shore."

You haven't moved God to you, you've moved yourself to God.

"And when you draw close to God, God will draw close to you." James 4:8

Life is a Prayer

We come into the world with aspirations and intentions for growth and experience. Our lives are the prayers of our souls in which we seek to fulfill our goals.

When using prayer in your life, the two most important things you need are - Faith and Trust.

You need faith that your prayers are received and heard, and that they matter.

You need trust that you will be answered and guided.

Prayers aren't always answered in the way you might be expecting, but they are answered in ways that are suited to your particular needs. They are customized for your unique personality, experience and soul plan.

Trust that sometimes answers come in mysterious ways and from unexpected places. They may come in flashes of inspiration or intuition, or they may come in steps that lead you to their achievement.

Prayer is a two-way proposition. We play an important role in the way results unfold. Are we willing to remain open and alert to the messages coming our way? Or to follow through on our end when doors open or opportunity calls?

When we ask for help, we have to be willing to follow the advice we receive. It may come as a sudden hunch, or may require self-examination, i.e., 'what are we doing or not doing that is causing or exasperating our problem or condition? What steps can we take to help resolve or improve our situation? What is the root cause of the issue at hand?' I have some tips on this in Issue 5 of Deep Soul.

When we seek answers with sincere desire for change, we WILL receive them!

We hold the power within us to focus, amplify, and direct the energetic forms we release in prayer. And we have the ability to receive our desires and requests. If only we can get out of our own way!

Faith is belief. Trust is expectation. If you believe, you will receive.

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Mark 11:24

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