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Meditation Techniques

You're ready to continue with one of many meditation techniques after setting up your environment and doing the three step prep.

The following meditation exercises are also helpful in beginning meditation practice. As with anything, the more you practice, the easier it gets and the more automatic it becomes.

Mind Clearing :

This sounds easier than it is to do. Just try it now. STOP THINKING. Impossible right? The mind never sleeps. Even in mind clearing, your mind must have something to focus on. There are several meditation techniques to help facilitate this.

Mind Clearing can help you to...

  • calm down
  • lower blood pressure
  • focus on a specific task
  • reroute your thinking
  • direct energy
  • send and receive telepathic communications
  • receive inspiration and information
  • learn and discover

An empty vessel is easier to fill than one that is already full. This does not mean that you have to delete everything in your mind - that's next to impossible. The mind is an eternal bank of consciousness. Everything is added to it and nothing is ever lost.

Use one of the following meditation techniques to clear your mind, whichever appeals to you.

Empty Sky - imagine yourself laying on a hammock or on the soft grass, looking up at the sky. The sky is a beautiful soothing blue. The air is warm and the sky is clear. Whenever your mind strays from the clear blue sky, you see a cloud drift across the sky, or maybe you see a bird or an airplane fly by. These are your random thoughts, but, you can control them. Tell them thanks but they must leave you for now to enjoy your empty sky.

Persistent thoughts can be put into a mental balloon then released into the sky and watch it float out of sight. Let go of any worries or distracting thoughts. Once your mind is cleared, you are ready to interject your purpose for the session.

Calm Lake - same principle. See yourself sitting by a nice calm lake. If you see fish, turtles, frogs, boats, etc. gently push them on their way. If your mind tries to wander, pick up a pebble and put your thoughts into it, then toss it into the lake, reinforcing that now is not the time but you will get back to them later.

These two meditation techniques where taught to me by my Grandmother as a method of releasing worries. Every worry or concern is put into a balloon or pebble, depending on the scenario, then allowed to fade away and be given up to Creator.

Blank Slate - envision a white or black board - whichever you prefer. Your blank slate may also be an empty computer screen. Every thought that comes into your mind is written on this board or screen. Erase or delete them as they appear. You can tell yourself that you'll get back to them another time. If the thoughts are unacceptable to you, say so as you erase/delete them. You would do this if they were destructive, angry, false or limiting thoughts. Be sure to eliminate them by telling them that they are false and no longer needed nor wanted.

Calming the Chatterbox - some minds need more help to quiet them enough to be able to focus. As you're visualizing the empty sky, calm lake or blank slate, focus on a word, a simple affirmation or a sound (i.e., Ohm). Repeat it over and over while envisioning the scenario of choice.

A simple affirmation might be, "I am calm and serene", "I am fully relaxed" or "I am in God's hands", etc.

Once you have satisfactorily cleared your mind, you can proceed with your desired intent for the meditation.

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Spirit Journey :

stone waterfall

This is one of my favorite meditation techniques. It's fun and you never know where you'll end up or what you will encounter. I've had some of my most meaningful meditations this way.

You kickstart the journey by initially guiding the imagery. Do all the preliminaries, then envision a place that is sacred to you, i.e., the woods, a cave, a mountain, etc. Notice everything around you. Is there a creek, a waterfall, moss alongside it, are there flowers (what kind?) or critters? Let the scene come alive and see where it takes you. You will find as you are noticing things that the vision takes off on it's own, it begins to guide you. Flow with it, see who or what comes along.

You can ask for a guide to help you along the way. You can ask to go somewhere or to find something or to receive information. Don't overthink, let things happen, allow the mind to enter the journey. This may take practice. Be patient, but persist. It will pay off.

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