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Soul Bright

Contemplating the news that 40% of Americans polled reported mental anxiety over the covid-19 outbreak amid stay-at-home orders, I wanted to tune into some relevant inspiration.

As I sat on my porch with a blank notebook in hand, I was suddenly showered with white petals falling all around me like snowflakes, compliments of the ornamental pear tree in my yard. It felt as if a blessing fell upon me. Nature's message of new growth. A shedding of the past to make way for a renewed future.

ornamental pear blossoms

This reminded me of the special beauty our world exhibits, as do our peoples. My heart glows thinking about the stories of so many people rising to the occasion to lend their unique brand of assistance.

Bless the healthcare workers, the companies that have revamped their facilities and operations to be of service during this worldwide crisis, from food providers to mask makers, the innovative entrepreneurs and the manufacturers, all who have decided to take action - too many to name - to help us all through this uncertain time.

And let us not forget all those that risk exposure everyday working at their essential jobs.

Proving the superiority of love, of decency, of ingenuity, of community...

The worst of times brings out the best in humanity.

We are filled with hope, gratitude and determination. We are fueled by compassion and love!

Change will come as it always does, and the path of each soul will be illumined as we move through the coming days of our collective determination to do what we can to heal and rebuild a better life and a better world. That's what evolution is about, and humanity is good at it. The challenges we face are always catalysts for growth.

Let Your Light Shine

Anchored in faith, I am reassured that the tide will turn for the good. One thing that everyone can do is SHINE! Be the best of you. Appreciate yourself as well as others. Take care of yourself, so you can care for others.

There's a song I learned as a child that I love called "This Little Light of Mine, I'm gonna let it shine". No matter where you are or what you're doing, you can let your light shine.

Surround yourself, your home and your loved ones in Light & Love everyday, then expand it to encompass the entire planet, knowing that :

We are ONE and LOVE IS all there is.

When we internalize this - we will have healing and we will have peace.

Live well, Love deeply, Stay safe my friends.


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