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Flights of Fancy

Spiritual Poems

Still Beautiful

My American experience

has given me much.

Diversified education

to me is a must.

There's beauty in all cultures,

in all religions too.

We find our own places

this we're free to do.

"Melting pot" product,

child of Liberty

Don't care where you came from

or who's in your family tree,

You are my sister,

You are my brother,

I love You


We stand unified

to uphold human rights

and freedom of choice,

our passions, we voice!

Existing within

the candystore metaphor,

gives us great power

to use our free will.

Many have struggled

and paid a high price

to ensure our freedom

through their sacrifice.

We honor our warriors

and ancestors too,

who fought for us

and our right to choose!

Freedom is a human right!

Pass it on!

Flowers 4 the Livin'

Pink Rose

When I lay my body down - and slip out without a sound

those that gather and come around - may remember this when I'm found...

Please, if you will honor me - with gifts of soft petals and grand wreaths

take them instead to someone else - who needs a lift to boost their health.

For the beauty of flowers is meant - to calm and heal with joyful intent,

to brighten the lives of mortal folk - not to adorn a cast off cloak.

When my spirit stops to look back - I'll be so happy if in fact

Flowers to honor life are spread - to the living, not the dead.

So if you think to honor me - share your gifts with my family,

but don't forget those in need - whose hearts may fill from a flower indeed!

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Spiritual Quotes and Words of Witsdom

"You can have all the wisdom in the world, but if you don't have faith and aren't willing to step out and do something about it, nothing is going to happen." Grandmother Twylah Nitsch

"As the happiness of the people is the sole end of government, so the consent of the people is the only foundation of it, in reason, in morality, and the natural fitness of things." John Adams 1735-1826

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein 1879-1955

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow." Helen Keller

"The psychic faculty is for the study of spirit what the telescope is for the study of the stars." St. Clair Stobart

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Pink Lotus

Prayers and Praise

Infinite One

I cast my burdens to the infinite power source

which renews my mind,

restores my health,

fills me with inspiration

and guides me to happiness and fulfillment in all things.

Forever and always, Amen


I welcome thee Great Spirit 

to enter my heart

and awaken my soul

unto your higher goal.

Fill me with your Light

so that I may see

with clarity and delight.

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