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The Number Story

Numerology : We begin to understand the science of numbers when we recognize that they are more than a symbolic language of measurement and calculation. Each one that we've named is a symbol for a very real vibration which represents the fundamental energetic principles of creation.

numerical symbols

The Greek philosopher Pythagorus, taught that they are the essence of everything and that all relationships can be expressed numerically. He is credited as being the 'Father of Number,' yet he reportedly gained his knowledge on numbers through a twenty year period of study in Egypt.

"The same principles were stated more than 13 centuries before Pythagorus' birth, in the heading of the Egyptian Rhind Papyrus..." Moustafa Gadalla (Egyptian Cosmology).

Numerology is an ancient science that is still in popular use today. Information on the subject abounds. It is based on the vibrational characteristics of numbers which influence our lives, personal expressions and potential.

It can help you find your predesigned direction in life as well as challenges that you've set for yourself. It can be as simple or as complicated as you choose depending on your depth of study and use.

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Numbers as Representatives of Creation

0 - The Cosmic Pool. The Womb. The symbol of potential where all elements for creation reside but are yet unformed.

1 - The Non-Number. The Pillar. The first element of being : the "I AM" principle. Represents idea, will and the first thrust of creation. One is the precursor for the energies named as numerical which define the creative forces. All numbers are derived from the principle of 1.

-independence, wholeness, will power.

2 - Cosmic Twins. Polar opposites. The first children of the creative force. Duality that brings forth all formative things. Male/female, dark/light, hot/cold, yin/yang, give/take, life/death, etc.

- cooperation, balance, interaction.

3 - Holy Trinity. Sacred triangle. Spirit fire. The interaction between Creator and creation. Represents the activity of creation and the quest for expression. The principle and result of duality's union.

- celebration, joy, expression.

4 - The Square of Life. Foundation and stability. The four corners, four winds/directions, four gatekeepers of the medicine wheel, four seasons, four pillars of the universe, four elements of the material world. The foundation for the grounding of cosmic energies. Density - material substance.

- stabilizing influence, formation, regulation.

5 - Pentagram. Five pointed star - represents the human blueprint, the etherial human. Universal principle in action - mental energy. Quest for the experience of learning. Combination of unity/duality (2) and expression (3)= putting things together, sorting out, arranging, discovering.

- Analytical process, expansion, adventure.

6 - Cosmic Unity. The Six Pointed Star. Solomon's Seal/Star of David. Merging of Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Flesh, "As above, so Below". Six sides - six directions. The Cube. Four directions (foundation) plus time and space. The supplied needs for physical reality and experience.

- Manifestation, service, commitment, support.

7 - The Pyramid. The spiritual fire (3) rising from the material base (4). The spiritual quest. Desire for wisdom and Divine union. The end of a cycle. Esoteric awakening. Integrating spiritual knowledge with physical experience.

- Introspection, evaluation, spiritual progression.

8 - The Octave. Sequence of eight - the complete manifest balance of creation. The archetypal powers first emitted from Creator. The eight primordial elements/principles of divinity that forms creation. The pattern of repetitive vibratory expression (energetic waves) in organized sequence which generates life in all its forms. The angelic chorus of the heavens which keeps Divine Order.

Grandmother Spider's creation of the Grand Medicine Wheel has eight spokes, gates or sectors of experience.

The figure eight is the lemniscate, the symbol of infinity. Eight marks the end of one term and the beginning of another. It represents a completed circle/cycle that opens up to expand itself and continue on a new journey.

- regeneration, achievement, power.

9 - Cosmic Perfection. The spiral - cone of energy, shape of the universe, 'the field of plenty'. The nine dimensions or realms of existence. The perfected eight added to the Wholeness of the One. The unified soul returning to the source. Represents the infinite cycles in creation.

- initiation, magic, evolution, metaphysical comprehension.

This first sequence of numbers represents the original creation process. It then continues as a model for the creation of humanity et al.

For more about cycles and ascension through numbers, see The Power of Nine.

Number Qualities for the Growth of Humanity

1 - Leader. Will power, courage, invention, ambition, idealistic, pioneer.

Negative : egotistical, selfish, domineering, hard-headed, strict, closed minded.

2 - Partner. Considerate, helpful, accommodating, sensitive, intuitive, supportive, receptive, harmonious.

Negative : possessive, petty, shy, nitpicking, careless, moody, self-pity, neglectful, complaining.

3 - Artist. optimistic, creative, social, imaginative, friendly, expressive, freedom loving.

Negative : scattered, gossipy, vain, hypocrisy, inconsistent, aloof, unreliable, excessive.

4 - Builder. practical, organized, loyal, dependable, dignified, methodical, reasonable, strength.

Negative : stubborn, lazy, insensitive, repressed, withdrawn, rigid, judgmental, narrow minded.

5 - Professional. thinker, communicator, clever, versatile, adventurous, active, adaptable.

Negative : indulgent, addictive tendencies, flighty, irresponsible, nervous, confused, procrastinating.

6 - Healer. responsible, nurturing, just, sympathetic, teacher, care-giver, devoted, domestic, conscientious.

Negative : dictating, suspicious, interfering, worry wort, controlling, indignant, jealous, anxious.

7 - Scientist. analytical, studious, refined, technical, meditative, seeker, introspective, mystical, discerning.

Negative : cold, skeptical, nervous, manipulative, reclusive, deceptive, sarcastic, secretive.

8 - Executive. authority, reliable, logical, fair, diplomatic, competent, organized, achievement, powerful.

Negative : tyrant, materialistic, strict, intolerant, accusatory, demanding, underhanded.

9 - Humanitarian. philosopher, teacher, occultist, religious, compassionate, generous, wise, spiritual, idealist.

Negative : indifferent, self-righteous, impractical, fanatical, immoral, emotionally unstable, misleading, martyrdom.

The positive vibrations of numbers are the innate potential of their expression. The negative vibrations are the challenges arising from negative thoughts and emotions. We have the power to choose how we will use the energies that we have charted for ourselves. Number values and their expression are a guideline for our development.



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