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What is a Soul Call?

When a soul call occurs, it is different for everyone. Since we are unique as individuals, our soul calls are custom to our personal gifts, talents and life paths.

Sometimes these talents go unacknowledged or undeveloped. They may lie dormant while we focus on other things, or until we are ready to accept the calling that arises deep within us - compelling us from within our own psyche.

It may not be dramatic, but can be a subtle nudging, maybe a certain longing feeling, or an unrest. You may experience a disconcerting feeling of imbalance or of being unfulfilled, or incomplete.

Then you come to realize that there's more that you 'need' from life. It may be that you just need more experience to be satisfied, or it could be that your innermost being is trying to guide you to 'awaken' to your soul's goal.

Part of our soul's blueprint for our lives is contracted - meaning that not only are we here to learn through experience, we have also made agreements to fulfill a promise, i.e. serve a higher purpose within our lives. This service can take many forms and it is marked by a selfless effort or way of existing in the world.

A soul call is always meant for good. It is to bring Light and Love into the lives of people along with other life forms, institutions, governments, planetary systems and the world as a whole.

There is a need in every facet of reality, for as we know, humanity is a work in progress. Much healing and innovation is needed. How do we heal greed, selfishness, pain, and despair? By being a channel for Light and Love; by being and creating solutions to problems; by extending our will and power to affect positive change; by countering darkness with light to tip the scales toward love and compassion.
It takes many from all walks of life to create and fortify a Web of Light in the world. No job is too small nor inconsequential. No time has been more important to activate our contracts than NOW.

Archangel Gabriel

"He who has ears to hear, let him hear." Matt.11:15

Finding your Soul Call

Find your niche and you will find your calling. Where does your heart lead you? What issues get your attention and call you to want to see change?

Take inventory of your abilities. Is there something you can do within your immediate surroundings, your community or line of work?

Start with what you know and build from there. See where it might take you. Follow your hunches. Do you have a certain interest or desire to learn about a particular field? Pursue it.

Is there something you've aspired to, or imagined that you'd like to do? Take that first step towards it - it may be your soul's prompting.

Never limit your potential. Remember that you are a being of Light - you have unlimited universal energy to work from.

"Find a need and fill it."    Rev. Robt. Schuller

We are not alone in the world, nor in life. We are never left to our own devices. Help is always available. We are channels through which Light and Love can flow through.

Our intentions attract support from like-minded beings, both in the physical and spiritual realms. We simply have to align with Love and Light, then we are connected to it's prompting.

Follow your inner whispers onto the path of your soul.

Meditation is an important tool to expedite this process and assist you in listening to and perceiving your soul's calling.

Meditation can take many forms. A wise woman once told me that washing dishes can be a form of meditation.

Once you become accustomed to 'getting in the zone' or the meditative mindset, you can enter it at will. This comes through practice and is a worthwhile endeavor.

 Indications of a Soul Calling

-An urge to serve a higher purpose.

-A feeling that something is missing from your life.

-A compelling from deep within your psyche.

-A call for action based on principles of rightness.

-A direct communication from angels/guides to embark on a quest, usually prompted 

  by personal seeking.

-An awareness of a 'karmic duty' that is embedded in your life's blueprint.

-A compassionate pulling at your heart that doesn't go away.

-An awakening through mind-soul connection which gives insight and direction.

-Being a spiritual nomad who's still seeking.

Spiritual Advancement

Soul Wisdom

Teacher Within

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