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The information provided here comes from a lifetime of learning and experience by walking a spiritual path and relying heavily on my Spirit Clan for guidance along the way. My goal is to bring my personal brand of understanding and knowledge to inspire other spiritual seekers and kindred spirits on their own spiritual journeys.

I would love to expand this website and keep it available as a free and open resource for you and others to explore and enjoy. It's a labor of love and I am happy to share it, though it does take considerable time, energy and money to create and maintain. If you would like to assist my efforts to continue publishing this resource,  you can do so by :

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From my spirit to yours, many thanks and many blessings to you upon your Soul's Path. May the law of prosperity return your gift to you 1000 fold!

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Grandmother Spider

Grandmother Spider

The Great Constructor of energy into form, represented by Grandmother Spider weaving Her Cosmic Web, is bringing the world closer together through a web of light whose counterpart is the www that so many of us are utilizing in this Great Age we are creating.

As we strengthen the web with the light of high aspirations and universal love, we exalt humanity and propel it towards a Golden Age of peace and goodwill where human potential can be prospered on all levels of being and for every one.

Maybe it sounds like a dream or wishful thinking, but it is possible with the efforts of the majority tilting the scales in that direction. It is do-able. Belief is the key, action is the force that opens the door. And we are on our way!

Walk in peace with the confidence that what you do matters.

Let's sow seeds of light!


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