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The Great Mystery

The debate rages on for many - is there a God? If so, Who or What is it? What religion has the real God? It is a mystery - the Great Mystery!

Many profess that the God they worship is the One true God. That may be so, but if there is One God, then everyone is right! All Gods converge into One. Our individual beliefs do not determine Who or What the Creator is. They are opinions of belief.

The many beliefs are interpretations of what we've been taught by others or by organized religion, combined with our personal experiences. One person's belief does not nullify the validity of another's. We all experience life in a unique, individualized way. We each perceive a facet of the One from which Life is born.

As Rev. Robert Schuller says, (not a precise quote) "Science cannot prove nor disprove the existence of God. Religion is not a science, it is Faith!" Faith is an individualized experience. No one has the authority to tell you that your faith is wrong.

Some say there is no God and that the Big Bang and evolution is the source of life. Now science is trying to find out what came before the Big Bang!.......Love It!!

As for me, I cannot accept nor comprehend that EVERYTHING came from nothing. Life is too miraculous, ingenious, perfectly composed and intelligent to be accidental. Intelligence comes from somewhere - it's not a fluke.

I believe strongly, without doubt, in a Divine, All-Knowing, All-Powerful Architect and Source of All Life. Evolution does not mean that a Godhead doesn't exist. The God I know is Perfect, Beautiful, All-Loving and All-Giving.

God is neither male nor female...everything that exists is part of the Creator. We are made up of the very essence of Creator - together, we are the body - as individuals, we are the cells.

Life is the Dream of God. We are the children living out the dream, equipped with the potential to create.

The Native American term, "Great Mystery"
describes Creator and Creation

Great Mystery

It is the statement that humankind cannot know the vastness of the Creative Force of All things and the workings therein. We can only define it by the parts that are evident to us. Even the Great Spirit is a personified element of the Great Mystery.

However we perceive God - we can have a personal relationship with our Creator. We are always within Creators Heart and Mind. Our every thought is received, we are loved unconditionally and help is always near.

Despite the crimes that are perpetrated against us in this world, we live in a loving universe and everything will be alright. We always "return home" to be showered with love and nurturance so we may refresh and re-boot, then we're off again and onto new adventures.

Creator's Gift

Divine Design

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