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The Path of
Spiritual Advancement

Spiritual advancement is the goal of all "fallen souls". We have not fallen because we are bad, we have "descended" into materiality in order to experience, learn and explore various avenues of being (the quest for knowledge).

We can't truly know anything without the intimate experience of it. 

The seed of knowledge is within us. All seeds are encoded with everything they need to know to grow into their purpose. It may take a long time to germinate if not tended to, but it will eventually sprout. Once sprouting has begun, it initiates the search for self exploration.

We are then officially on the path of spiritual advancement.

It begins with a yearning within. Like a seed seeking nourishment, we seek to connect to our source, the Divine part of us.

We search for spiritual contentment and understanding. We become "seekers". Seekers never stop. They are not satisfied staying in one mindset. They are always wanting more because they sense that there IS more.

Until one masters the realm they are in, they will not cease to expand their knowledge and abilities. Life after life.

Ancient Mystery Schools

Mystery School

The Mystery Schools of old had strict requirements for their potential students. They would have to demonstrate their level of ethical development and integrity before acceptance to ensure that only serious students would be admitted.

Once you were accepted into the school, you would continue to be tested not only to ascertain your level of commitment, but also to build your character and competency.

Initiations were an important part of the process. Each were a step onto a new threshold, a graduation which opened you up to a new level of knowledge. It was an acknowledgement that you were ready for more responsibility.

This was a model of natural occurring spiritual advancement.  

These ancients knew the consequences of misused knowledge. This was a way to protect sacred knowledge, the community and themselves.

Today there is loose and fragmented information everywhere that anyone can access. Much harm can be done by those that dabble without having a basic understanding of energetic influence.

Share with Integrity

The Wise Ones teach that not only are we responsible for our own actions, we are also responsible for what we teach and share with others.

If we are to share, we are to do so in good conscience with pure-hearted intent and disclosure of potential risk.

If you arm others with information, be sure to provide a basis of understanding for them to use it properly. By completing the circle, you have acted with integrity and are disconnected from the results of improper use. Unless of course you know that a certain person you give info to will abuse it - then part of the fallout is attached to you.

The knowledge of 'cause and effect' should be reason enough to maintain integrity in life and with your dealings with others. Every metaphysician knows this fundamental truth.

Yet, I have witnessed repeatedly, those on the "spiritual path" who proclaim their knowledge and understanding of spiritual truths, fall very short because they haven't mastered ethical control.  I have also seen their demise.

"A casual attitude causes a casualty."

Seeing corruption overtake many, I have often questioned whether they really believe what they teach. Or are their egos so large that they feel exempt from the law of cause and effect?

Some think that actions are wrong only if one believes they are. They falsely believe that they are able to do as they please without consequence because "beliefs create reality".

Whether you believe something is right or wrong is irrelevant to natural law. We reap according to what we sow. If you think it's fine and dandy to lie and cheat and manipulate, it will return..."pressed down, shaken together, and running over..." (Luke 6:28)

Yes we do create our own realities through our beliefs and expectations, but also through our actions and intentions. We use natural law to create, but we don't create natural law.

Perils that Block Spiritual Advancement

Some people become too high on their horse of self-importance that they become power seekers instead of truth seekers. They tell themselves that they are better, smarter, more qualified or more advanced than others, therefore they want to run the show!

Once they achieve their coveted position, they'll do whatever it takes to keep it - even if it's underhanded. I have seen more than one organization fold because of this ego-centric syndrome.

What a tragic situation when a gifted person either hasn't developed an ethical basis, or they override it in favor of personal gain.

Once that happens, spiritual advancement stalls. It creates a logjam in the karmic wheel, setting them back and increasing challenges to overcome.

The Hierarchy will recede when there is corruption. Lower level entities will be attracted instead. Their goal is to use you until you self-destruct and cause much devastation along the way.

I am a personal witness to this. I have seen it happen to acquaintances but also, sadly, to a few that I've known well.

When you commit to a spiritual path, you WILL be tested. Personal integrity is a must. You cannot experience spiritual advancement without it.

"Many are called, but few are chosen." Matt.22:14

The bonus is - people with integrity are happier and more content than those without it. You could say, it's really a matter of maturity.

Traditionally, there is often an elitism that surrounds some circles that claim spiritual, mystical or occult knowledge. They feel that the average person is not qualified to have access to "the mysteries" or techniques of spiritual advancement. A common belief is that the uninitiated will do harm through minimal understanding and material motives.

Some want to keep helpful knowledge secret for their own benefit or to keep it from potential abuse or alteration.

This will be true in some instances, but there is already much information available that is ripe for abuse. It seems wiser to provide a useful base of understanding and guidance than to try and keep knowledge from those that seek it.

We ARE in the age of "awakening". Multitudes are ready for spiritual advancement not just religious ideology. They want to go beyond parables and metaphors and into firsthand experience and intimate revelation.

The question is, "Who owns knowledge?" It is revealed to those who seek it. It is given to those who are ready to receive.

Knowledge without understanding is potentially destructive. If understanding is accompanied with knowledge, it will be used responsibly by the pure of heart, others will reap the consequences of abuse, and that will be their teacher.

Native Light

I am reminded of a tragedy in the news not long ago where the lack of understanding and respect for the sacred Native American inipi ceremony (commonly referred to as the Sweat Lodge ceremony) resulted in several deaths.

Sacred Ceremony is not a game or an amusement. There is a right way and a wrong way. Make sure you know what you are participating in and that the "leaders" are qualified to perform them.

 Steps to Spiritual Advancement

  • Always use discernment.
  • Examine your intent always. 
  • Your heart is your mirror, whatever is in it comes to face you.
  • Be an example of your truth.
  • Display your love in everything you do.
  • Let your inner strength be your compass.
  • Never give up, be faithful.
  • Align yourself with higher mind.
  • Keep yourself in the light. Be joyful, honest and true.
  • Remember that how you use knowledge is your responsibility.

The work can be tough but the payment is priceless!

Self : Friend or Foe

Self Control

Soul Wisdom

 Teacher Within

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