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About This Site

Sunshine on the Soul is my personal website designed to share the things I've learned and continue to learn from a life of being a seeker and of walking a spiritual path.

My personal spirituality has always been important to me and has become more finely tuned over time. I've always relied on this connection and cannot imagine my life without it.

Spirituality is a way of living and relating 'between the worlds' and incorporating spiritual knowledge and healing into our material lives for soul growth and expansion. As we grow in Light, we are contributing to planetary enlightenment. We are facilitators for the Aquarian Age.  

It is my desire to share the beauty and deep love which comes from a spiritual life quest exalted through the links between self & nature, self & soul, Soul Self & Soul Group, and ultimately - self & soul with Source > which I like to call 'Creator.'

I'm happy to announce that this website is a secure site! Noted by the lock symbol in the address bar.

What you can find on this Website

Read about Metaphysics, Spirituality and Mysticism.

Learn about various tools and techniques to:

  • assist your spiritual journey while keeping you grounded in daily life, 
  • discover hidden talents and find your Soul's desired path,
  • heal your mind, body and soul,
  • discern the energies around you,
  • live more fully!

View symbolic meanings by hovering over certain pictures. (May not work on some mobile phones.)

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How to Use This Site

Get notified when a new or updated page is published by subscribing to the Soul Shine Journal. This is also the place I sometimes make announcements or write bloglets that are too short for a dedicated page.

Find links in this color among the on-page text to take you directly to the site dictionary. Return via back button.

See the Metaphysical Dictionary A-M or N-Z.

Visit my Site Map for an index of all current pages.  If you see any of interest, please don't put off reading them because their life-span has yet to be determined. I may also tweak them periodically.

As your humble host, I always welcome and enjoy your feedback. Drop me a line via email. And remember - ALL emails are confidential.

Though the mystic path has no end, it is a joyful, happy trail that brings unlimited depth to living.

Hope you enjoy my site. Thanks for coming! Ela

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