Align your mind with ur Soul Shine

Sunshine on the Soul

     Illumine me with your Glow     En-light-en from inside out   

    Awaken me from all doubt     Reveal to me the Truth within 

    Let me remember my Soul again

Welcome Souls of Light......Are you wondering why you are here on planet Earth? Do you feel as if something is missing in your life but you haven't found it yet? Do you sense you may have a higher purpose or a specific mission to accomplish?

That's how I'd always felt. And I never gave up because it's an inner drive that's pre-programmed within us before birth.

I want to tell you that beyond your mind exists a Beautiful Spiritual being that is the heart of who you are - your True Self - it holds all records of everything about you and of every life you've ever lived!

When you open yourself up to the Wisdom of the Soul, you can discover and fulfill your purpose on Earth. Yes there are many things we are to do while here, but if we have a restless feeling of unresolved longing, there's more for us to do.  

Those who are searching for spiritual knowledge and direction are being signaled by their Higher Selves that they have work to do.

Light Workers are here to help facilitate the coming new world that bridges the third and forth dimensions to create a Bridge of Light. Could you be one of these?            

Awaken to the Soul Mind

As one who has relied on Spiritual guidance over the course of my life - I have been called to share what I have learned and experienced on this Sacred Path. It has been made clear to me that this is my purpose.

We all have a purpose and these are important times for humanity. Shifts are occurring all over the world which is a reflection of the shifts that are happening within us at a soul level. We are trying to balance opposing energies that seem to be coming to a head.

The Great Awakening is upon us and the world is on a course of change with an uncertain outcome. Our spirits will not rest, we are being stirred to make a change. Part of that change is to align with and fulfill our Purpose. 

Now is the time - for ALL of us to Awaken to our Soul Purpose - for many are called - will U answer the call? If you've arrived here, U are being Called. This is not an accident.

Find out about your Soul's Call

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