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Soul Wisdom

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Soul wisdom may not be not known or understood by most who possess it and yet - it is there, always waiting for us to open the door to our own timeless knowing. We all know more than we realize.

We must learn to TRUST our own inner knowing...those deep senses beneath the surface of everyday awareness, stirring us to ask questions, seek answers and look within.

For many, this underlying river of knowledge is ignored, repressed and even scoffed at. The outer material world is all-consuming. Some gladly run away from inner reality unless it deals with superficial desires. They wear a mask instead, pretending to be the image they project.

That's ok. It's the road some have decided to follow for now. We have all been there at some time in our journeys. Soul wisdom doesn't occur to everyone in every lifetime.

But for truth seekers, mundane reality is never enough. We always strive to access our inner wisdom. We need more than what the world offers. We crave contact with the spiritual nature of being. Our inner knowing is awakened, we are prompted to be seekers at the soul level. "The veil", for us, is thin.

There are many who are teetering on the fence. Their souls are prompting them, but they do not have the trust or confidence in themselves or their experiences. It's easy to second guess yourself and create doubt. Overcoming this is certainly do-able.

The remedy is to strengthen the bond between the conscious and superconscious minds...the higher and lower self. The more often we connect with our own higher selves, the easier it is to tap in to our soul wisdom.

Meditative practice is the key to unlocking inner knowledge. Make meditation a regular part of your routine to form this invaluable link. As you do, a line of communication to other "higher" intelligences will be opened. For ultimately, we are all One.

Like forging and maintaining a have to put the effort in, you have to give as well as receive, you have to listen, not just talk.

The Open Door to Soul Wisdom

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As that door opens, be prepared for new thoughts and inspirations to arise. Pay attention to physical sensations.

Your inner vision may increase. You may become aware of subtle feelings and impulses. Your perception becomes more acute. You may even hear phrases, songs or tones unexpectedly.

As always, keep a record of experiences. It will serve as a teaching tool. You will learn how your higher self communicates with you and what to pay attention to.

You just might be surprised at what you really do know. We don't always heed to wisdom, but we do learn the difference between wisdom and opinion. Wisdom is within you - CLAIM IT!

Knowledge is Learned * * * Wisdom is Earned.

 Meditation Techniques

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