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Levels of Meditation

Although I've classified the levels of meditation into three categories, there are many degrees of consciousness that can be experienced. There are no limits to Divine Mind and its possibilities. These guidelines are presented for a basic understanding of what can be expected. Levels of meditation can help us explore the levels of mind and the larger realities that are available to us.

1) TRANSITIVE - This level of meditation transitions us from our normal waking consciousness to an expanded awareness which connects you to the mental trinity (mind trine). You are centered and aligned with higher mind. You are in the intuitive state. You can perceive beyond the physical realm. Your senses are heightened.

This first level is the "Open Door", where images and information can easily flow to and from you. This state is conducive to.....

- healing

- psychic insight

- counseling with others

- artistic/creative inspiration

- prayer or projection of desires

- stress release, relaxation and recharging

- reprogramming the subconscious mind

- attunement and dialogue with other intelligences, i.e., plants, animals, humans, spirit guides, elementals, etc.

- the "channeling" of higher wisdom, knowledge and ability through automatic writing, psychic art, tongues, etc.

- memory exploration

- to receive info and answers

2) TRANSPORTIVE - This is a deeper level of meditation where you disconnect enough from physical awareness to enter higher mind. You are stepping through "The Door" to journey into the vastness of creation. You can call on your angels and guides to help you and to accompany you.

In this state, physical sensation seems to disappear. Sometimes you have a sensation of floating. You feel like you are just mind and have no physical restraints. This must be what spirits feel. But you are VERY REAL and VERY ALIVE! This state is conducive to.....

- astral travel

- time or dimensional travel

- merging with cosmic consciousness

- retrieving info via akashic records, spirit journeying, etc.

- meeting with your guides, higher self, ancestors, etc.

- communing with Creator and the Hierarchy of Masters.

- past life recall and mission purpose

- self-hypnosis

3) TRANCE - is where your conscious awareness idles or sleeps so that hypnosis or channeling can occur. NEVER attempt alone! Always have a trusted guide or teacher present before attempting this particular level of meditation. It is wise to use a tape recorder in this type of session. This is called "Direct Voice". It is important to set up your protective boundaries prior, for you AND anyone else involved. Each person has to set up their own. This level is conducive to.....

- direct messages or info from higher intelligences that use your vocal chords to bring through knowledge and assistance.

- to allow your higher self to speak directly without your conscious interference.

- to bring through healing knowledge and energy

- for past life regression under the guidance of a professional.

- for suggestions under hypnosis to help you overcome deep seated problems. See a respected professional for this.

Trance work is an advanced technique, not a parlor trick. Many people have abused their abilities for personal gain. Some have put on false showings which always attracts spirits of low intent. Dabbling in spirit invocation without proper precautions and intent is fallacy and foolishness. You can create more problems for yourself and those you love if you are careless in these endeavors. One should have the highest intent (love, light, truth, integrity and sincerity) in their approach to any spiritual or healing work. And let's face it, to any life situation!

Of all the levels of meditation and states of consciousness, this one is the most profound and transformative of all. Proceed with caution and wisdom.

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