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About Me

Hello and welcome. My name is Ela Turner. I'm a spiritual mystic, herbalist and natural living enthusiast. 

Although I grew up in a small town, my dream was to live in the country. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit relatives who lived in and beside the beautiful countryside. I spent a lot of time wandering in miles of woods, playing in creeks, fishing in ponds and picking wildflowers, blackberries and persimmons. A child's paradise. I fell in love with Mother Earth's backyard.

Winter in the woods is especially beautiful and interesting. Sometimes I would make small fires to warm up my hands so that I could stay longer before returning to my Grandparent's warm house. They had a fog horn that Grams would blow when it was time for dinner. You could hear that horn for miles!

I was a rockhound like many kids that spent time outdoors. I still am. I surround myself with rocks and gems of every sort. Everywhere I go in nature, I pick up "hitch hikers" of the mineral kind.

Being in those natural environments shaped my love of and interest in nature. There is a special attunement to the Earth, the critters, the plant and mineral kingdoms and the energies thereof that occurs within you and tells you that there's much more to life than the "outer" world. That's where my passion was born. That's when my mysticism began.

My Roots:

Pine Trees

I'm descended from Irish, English, Dutch, German, French, Cherokee, Shawnee and Powhatan-Algonquin ancestors (that I know of!). Like most Americans, I'm a rainbow - a mixed bag of genes. Most of my ancestors since the 1500's are from Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina.

My Background

I started out this life with a Baptist upbringing. As a child my Aunt would take my brothers and I to church with her when we stayed at her house. The last time I attended was at eleven.

At fourteen, I was introduced to Spiritualism and Metaphysics through my Grandmother's affiliation with a Spiritualist Church. It felt natural to me since I'd always had a mystic awareness.

From there, I have delved into many religions and philosophies. These foundational resources have combined with my personal experiences to create my mystic attitude of today.

Over the years, I was involved in different Spiritualist organizations where I'd taken classes, attended church services and participated in events.

I've met many interesting folk, as you might've imagined, and have encountered some tremendous teachers along the way.

I worked in my Mother's metaphysical store for ten years, made gemstone jewelry, crystal wands, medicine bags and spirit shields. I attended a small psychic development group that met once weekly. I was the youngest member of the group (in my 20's at the time).

After joining a Native American Spirituality group, I made some contacts that opened the door for me to start trading at Native American Pow Wows and festivals.

I had a variety of wares, including herbs, stones (rockhound!), books, tapes and crafts. I had a blast! It was so much fun - and work too. And again, was fortunate to meet some very unique people. I also had the honor of being invited into the inipi ceremony (aka Sweat Lodge) on several occasions.

Being prompted by my spirit clan, I relocated closer to my Grandmother who had founded a new church at the persistent request of her students about five years prior. It was a non-denominational church, school and healing center.

Joining the church, I jumped in with both feet! I took many courses there, from iridology to massage therapy. I also presented several classes, including, herbology and Teachings of the Medicine Wheel.

I was eventually ordained as a Minister of Spiritual Sciences.

I was with the church and on the board of directors for thirteen years. My Grandmother and I now are both retired from the organization and the life that went with it.

UPDATE : It's now been several years since we left the church and Gram has now finished her journey here. She is a bright shining star and will be greatly missed, especially by me.

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