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The Teacher Within

The teacher within is our direct link to the Divine Source. It is the inner voice of love and compassion. You can recognize it by the healing words it speaks. They are signified by a powerful tenderness that comes from pure love. Most everyone has felt it and can learn to use it for personal growth.

When we pray for help or guidance, we are summoning Divine intervention. We are opening a door within ourselves to accept and receive spiritual counsel. There are many in the Hierarchies of Spirit that are ready to help when we call. All calls are heard and known.

The responses that come are customized to accommodate the individual at their stream of understanding. So expect your help to be in line with your belief system. Know that there is a Universal Intelligence from which all realities occur which is commonly called God. There is no thing outside of this scope of influence, therefore ALL things are possible. Our help can come in any form and "miracles" can and do occur.

It is important to acknowledge the stimulus within and around us as changes occur when we ask for help. This is to affect a change within us - which is where real change begins. The Masters do not need our gratitude. The gratitude we express is for our own energetic benefit.

One of the lessons I've learned from Spirit is that we are often our own worst enemy. When we are down on ourselves, we will attract people and circumstances to reinforce our self-doubting energy.

Rainbow Buddha

Change Your Thinking via The Teacher Within

When you open yourself to receive help from the teacher within, your Divine connection reveals how you can change your thinking, thus your reality. A penetrating voice flows through your consciousness when you are connected to that higher source of intelligence.

That voice helps to negate destructive thought patterns. It gives you an alternate view that is loving, understanding. tolerant, forgiving, enlightening, encouraging, peaceful and productive. It says that things aren't as bad as they seem. It says that you shall overcome this world and every fallible thing in it. It says that you are loved beyond your imagination. It tells you to lighten up, forgive yourself and others and to try again.

It says that there is a Great and Wondrous Spirit to depend on that is always there and always available to provide wisdom, pure love, compassion, guidance and strength.

Remember this - Creator never judges us as harshly as we judge ourselves (and each other).

Do what it takes to find your inner peace. Never forget to honor
and nurture yourself because you matter, you are a precious soul.

Positive life change is not a matter of being worthy, it's a matter of being willing. Consult the teacher within and listen to your innermost voice. Listen with your heart of hearts to the Divine being within you.

The Council of Light

Soul Wisdom

Spiritual Guidance

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