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What is a Mystic ?

What IS a mystic? A mystic by nature searches for a deeper meaning in life. They intuitively know that there is more to life than what meets the eye.

Mystics look beyond the obvious, sensing unseen worlds and inner realities. They have an expanded awareness which allows them to see past what is being said to perceive what is really meant. They understand energetic analogy enabling them to make connections and see patterns. Often having prophetic dreams, visions, thoughts and feelings, they are sometimes labeled "psychic".

They view life in a wholistic way, with body, mind and spirit acting as One.

Their inner eye, often called the psychic eye, third eye or mystic eye, is open, allowing a depth of perception beyond the material realm.

Mystic Eyes

Every culture throughout history has had it's mystical folk. There is traditionally an aura of intrigue and mystery surrounding them. They have been feared, despised, shunned and persecuted, as well as honored, praised, sought out and deified.

Now that we are in the Information Age, knowledge is accessible to the masses. Fear and misunderstanding can be laid to rest. Mystics everywhere can emerge from their sacred places.....

The veil of secrecy is now removed. It is not required to belong to a secret society or exclusive club. You don't have to go into seclusion for lengthy periods of time. It doesn't have to take years of study or practice to be your mystic self.

Being a mystic is a way of life - a way of perceiving - sensing - realizing - acting and being. It is being able to attune to higher knowledge and bring forth wisdom. It's the ability to affect change in your own life through the understanding of the philosophy of metaphysics. It is the discovery of Truth and Sacred Union...the result being inner peace, empowerment, confidence and contentment.

The "what is a mystic" answer is in the journey of discoveries on the path of enlightenment. The door is open...step inside.

Are you a Mystic?

1) Do you contemplate life's mysteries?

2) Are you interested in the spiritual aspect of life?

3) Are you sensitive to the energies of others? (Do you pick up the feelings, thoughts or presence of others?)

4) Have you had dreams that have happened?

5) Do you feel that you have lived before?

6) Have you felt that you have a mission in life to accomplish?

7) Are you able to pre-ceive what others will say?

8) Do you believe in the eternality of your spirit?

9) Do you think there is a reason behind things that happen?

10) Do you think that life is random?

11) Do you believe that we have one shot at life, then it's over?

12) Do you think that those who claim to see the future are frauds?

Results :

If you answered yes to 1-9, you definitely are a mystic! Welcome.

If you said yes to 3 of the 9, you probably ARE in the club.

If you said no to 1-9 and yes to 10-12, you definitely ARE NOT in the club.

If you had a mix of yeses from 1-12, you definitely have potential!

Mystic Flight

Metaphysician's Code

Soul Wisdom

Spiritual Guidance

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