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  • Natural Law - Laws governing a realm of existence which gives it it's particular structure and functionality.
  • Nature Spirits - Elementals; individualized conscious energies within natural forces; elves, fairies and knomes are considered to be in this classification although they operate on a different level with more independence.
  • Naturopathy - The use of natural elements and substances for health and healing.
  • New Age - The revival of esoteric principles applied to modern life and interpretation.
  • New Thought - Belief that the mind is the real source of disease and thus healing; attributed to the philosophy of Phineas Quimby.
  • Numerology - A system describing the energetic values of numbers and letters, the influence of their placements, combinations, and their applications.
  • Nymph - Feminine elementals.
  • Occult - Greek for hidden; mysteries or hidden truth.
  • Occultism - Traditionally used to define mystic and esoteric practices.
  • Old Religion - Wicca; paganism.
  • Om (Ohm) - Sanskrit, sacred syllable, seed sound; primordial sound of the cosmos; the name and sound of God.
  • Omen - A sign or sense that predicts things to come.
  • Omnipotent - All powerful.  
  • Omnipresent - All encompassing; present everywhere at all times.
  • Omniscient - All knowing.
  • Omniverse - All universes combined as one.
  • Oracle - A person or tool that delivers the wisdom of divine intelligence; an energized place where sensitive people can perceive beyond normal reality like the effects of a vortex.
  • Orb - A "cell" of energetic consciousness; a spirit.
  • Out of Body Experience (O.B.E.) - Astral travel or projection.
  • Paganism - The practice of respectfully acknowledging and working with natural forces and intelligences for practical purposes.
  • Palmistry - Cheiromancy; divination via the lines, shapes and markings of the hands esp. the palms.
  • Pantheism - The belief that the laws of nature and the forces of the universe IS God.
  • Paranormal - Unusual phenomena pertaining to the psychic and and spiritual realities.
  • Parapsychology - The scientific study of psychic phenomena.
  • Philosopher's Stone - A sought after substance which ancient alchemists believed could change base metals into gold; also called the Powder of Projections; Once found, it was supposed to be the key to health and life. Also see, Alchemy and the Great Arcanum.
  • Physical World - The densest world in creation; the seventh plane of existence.
  • Plane - A vibrational field of existence or consciousness; a field of reality distinguished from others through a unique vibrational structure and natural laws.
  • Plexus - A complex nerve network within the body; these are the body's energy centers where the chakras are located.
  • Polarity - Opposite yet balancing energies - yin/yang, hot/cold, slow/fast, positive/negative, etc; contrasting qualities which make life definable for experience.
  • Poltergeist - Disembodied energies that cause noises and the movement of objects, often attributed to intense neglected or misdirected energies of adolescents with PSI abilities or of a mischievous or troubled spirit; noisy ghost.
  • Polytheism - Belief in or worship of multiple gods.
  • Prana - Life force; breath of god; spiritual energy that animates and sustains all life.
  • Precognition - To see or sense future events before they occur; to recall past life events in Platonic theory.
  • Prophecy - Accurate predictions of the future.
  • Prophet - One who can predict future events accurately; a divinely inspired visionary.
  • PSI -All psychic and paranormal phenomena.
  • Psyche - The mind and it's complex systems.
  • Psychic -The ability to perceive information from the mental, emotional and spiritual planes; of the psyche; clairvoyant. 
  • Psychic Writing - Inspirational writing dictated from a non-physical source; a form of automatic writing.
  • Psychokinesis - Same as telekinesis; the ability to move objects with the mind.
  • Psychometry - A means of energy reading and divination by holding or touching objects or personal items belonging to another.
  • Qabala or Qabbalah - From quibel, meaning 'to receive'; ancient mystical guide outlining the spiritual lineage from God to man and the forces and planes of creation; also, Kabbala or Cabala; see Book of Secrets and Tree of Life.
  • Qi - Same as chi or ki; vital force.
  • Querent - A person requesting a reading from a psychic, diviner or astrologer.
  • Reincarnation - Rebirth into the earth plane after living previous physical existences.
  • Regression - A session with a hypnotist or other trained person to view or recall current past experiences or past lives.
  • Reflexology - Healing technique of stimulating pressure points in the body to release blocked energy, usually done on the feet or hands.
  • Retrocognition - Psychically viewing past events, esp. past lives.
  • Retrograde - When a planet appears to move backwards from the vantage point of earth which alters its energetic affect. 
  • Root Center - First chakra, located at the coccygeal center; home of the Kundalini force.
  • Runes - Meaning, secret mystery; ancient symbols designed to embody universal forces (powers of the universe); their origin is uncertain but attributed to the Norse, said to be discovered by Odin; commonly used for divination and guidance.
  • Sacral Center - Second chakra; located at the sacrum area.
  • Sacred - Holy; something viewed and treated with reverence; containing Divinity.
  • Sacred Ceremony - Ritual instruction from a trusted Spiritual source.
  • Sacred Heart - Spiritual plexus; seat of the soul, located about two inches below the sternum; some say this is where the silver cord is located.
  • Sacred Union - A personal experience with the Divine.
  • Sage - A wise and knowledgeable person; a philosopher.
  • Salamander - Elemental spirit of fire.
  • Sanskrit - Ancient language considered to be the "Mother of Languages" as even Latin is derived from it; it's origin is obscured; some believe it is Atlantean.
  • Scrying - The use of a crystal ball or other reflective object to "see" into the future.
  • Seance - A gathering with a medium for the purpose of communicating with deceased relatives usually through trance channeling; popularized through Spiritualism.
  • Second Sight - Ability to "see" without the use of physical vision.
  • Secular - Not affiliated with nor operating through religious beliefs or practice.
  • Sensitive - A person that senses unseen energies or beings.
  • Shaman - A healer or priest with the ability to communicate with or visit the spiritual realm to find answers and cures as needed.
  • Sibyl - A name given to female oracles at Delphi; prophetess' of Apollo.
  • Sign - A symbol or omen that provides an answer or that indicates a future event or circumstance.
  • Silver Cord - The invisible energetic cord that attaches the astral body to the physical body; it is severed at the point of death of the physical body.
  • Sixth Sense - Intuitive perception.
  • Sky Walker - Astral traveler.
  • Smudging - The act of purifying the energy of a space by smoldering cleansing herbs, esp. sage.
  • Solar Plexus - Energy center of the body located above the navel; third chakra; seat of the will, where some say the silver cord is attached.
  • Solomon's Seal - Passed down from his father, King David, also called the Star of David; six pointed star; same as the Mystic Triangle.
  • Solstice - When the sun appears to stand still as it "changes its course"; this happens twice yearly, marking the first day of summer and the first day of winter.
  • Soothsayer - One who forecasts future events through the interpretive methods of dreams, signs, visions, etc.
  • Soul - The collective activities, talents, memories and experiences of a spirit; a living database.
  • Soul Group - Spirit clans who often work together in and out of physical life usually with a common purpose or plan; spiritual families.
  • Specter - Apparition.
  • Spectral - Having a ghostly appearance.
  • Spell - An incantation or ritual used to help manifest a desired outcome; a signature practice of witchcraft.
  • Spirit - The living essence of all things visible and invisible; individual cells of intelligence; formal use - the collective supernatural helpers of high mind.
  • Spirit Band - Term in Spiritualism for the group of spirit guides that work with an individual.
  • Spirit Guardian - A disembodied being who acts as a protector to those in the physical world.
  • Spirit Guide - A disembodied being 'ordained' to act as a helper to someone in a denser realm than their own.
  • Spiritual - Of the spirit and soul; concerning realities of the spirit.
  • Spiritual Healing - Healing through prayer; administering healing energy through various techniques such as the Laying on of Hands.
  • Spiritual Medium - A medium who is a channel for spiritual teachings; a go-between to bring knowledge through from higher consciousness.
  • Spiritual Plexus - An energy center two inches or so below the sternum; also called the Sacred Heart.
  • Spiritualism - A religion based on spiritual reality and how it intersects with physical reality, including making contact between the worlds. 
  • Spirituality - How one applies spiritual concepts in everyday life.
  • Sprite - A nature spirit; elemental.
  • Subconscious Mind - The record keeping part of the mind that stores all incoming stimuli and uses cosmic energies to bring beliefs to life; direct access to the superconscious mind.
  • Subliminal - Something that effects the subconscious mind without conscious awareness.
  • Subtle Body - Etheric body; a finer energetic part of the body which survives the death of the physical and astral bodies.
  • Star of David - The six pointed star comprised of two triangles, one with the point up and one with the point down representing the union of heaven and earth; the macrocosm; Seal of Solomon.
  • Summer Solstice - The longest day of the year, it marks the first day of the summer season.
  • Sun Sign - The zodiac sign designated to a person based on the day, month and time of birth; the major energetic influence on a person's character. 
  • Superconscious Mind - Higher mind; the God-mind connection; super ego.
  • Supernal - Supreme Divinity.
  • Supernatural - Beyond natural known reality.
  • Superstition - Paranoid belief in omens that have been handed down.
  • Sylph - An elemental spirit of air.
  • Talisman - Amulet; object endowed with the power to avert harm or bring luck.
  • Tantra - Sanskrit for ritual.
  • Tantric - Hindu mystical rites or ceremonial techniques.
  • Tao - Ancient Chinese concept of the One or the Way; the Supreme of All.
  • Tarot - Ancient esoteric teachings preserved and handed down through symbology and made into a series of cards; they have been used as a divinatory tool through the ages; the precursor to modern playing cards.
  • Telekinesis - Greek for remote movement; the movement of an object with thought energy.
  • Telepath - A person who can "read" or perceive the thoughts of others.
  • Telepathy - Mental communication.
  • Teleportation - To mentally send images or ideas to others over distance; more rare, to dematerialize and rematerialize objects or people in another location; also used to describe astral travel.
  • Theosophy - Greek for the Wisdom of God; the teaching that mankind can access Divine wisdom through particular techniques which lead to personal revelation.
  • Third Eye - The "mind's eye' which sees beyond physical means; the energy center (chakra) located in the forehead.
  • Thought Form - An image created in the mind for the purpose of projection and attraction.
  • Totem - A representative of spiritual qualities or specific powers; esp. animal totems.
  • Trance - A hypnotic state whereas the conscious mind 'sleeps' while allowing direct contact with the subconscious or superconscious mind.
  • Trance Medium - A person who has the ability to enter a trance state and allow other beings to speak through them.
  • Transcendental - Knowledge gained through meditation, contemplation and intuition.
  • Transference - When one's astral self leaves the body and allows another being to reside there; can happen temporarily during a mediumnistic trance.
  • Transfiguration - To alter the physical appearance via supernatural means.
  • Transition - A term in Spiritualism meaning to cross over from one plane of life into another, usually through death.
  • Transmigration - A human spirit that enters the body of another species.
  • Transmutation - To transform a substance or energy by adding a greater vibrational substance.
  • Transpose - When a disembodied being appears over or in front of a physical person or object.
  • Tree of Life - The representation of creation according to the Qabala.
  • Tropical Year - The solar year beginning and ending at the Vernal equinox; also called the natural or seasonal year.
  • Undine - Water sprite; elemental.
  • Vedas - Sanskrit for knowledge; the Hindu sacred books of knowledge which are thought to be much older than Sanskrit.
  • Vedic - Ancient Hindu religion and philosophy based on the Vedas.
  • Vernal Equinox - First day of spring; equal duration day and night at the equator.
  • Vibration - Energetic rates of frequency which determines the qualities and effects of energy and how it is perceived.
  • Vision - A scene, image, outcome or future event viewed through inner sight while in an awakened or conscious state.
  • Visualization - The practice of forming visions for achieving certain results.
  • Vortex - A spiraling energy which increases certain vibratory forces; often considered as a gateway or dimensional doorway.
  • Wholistic - The balanced union of mind, body and spirit; used to describe a naturally healthy path; also, holistic.
  • Wicca - A nature based religion that honors and works with natural forces.
  • Winter Solstice - The shortest day of the year marking the beginning of winter.
  • Wisdom Keepers - The caretakers of the Sacred knowledge of a clan, tribe or group.
  • Wise of Heart - Kabbalistic adepts.
  • Wise Ones - Experienced spiritual leaders and teachers.
  • Witch - A practitioner of wicca.
  • Witchcraft - The practice of influencing energy through various means to achieve a desired outcome.
  • White Light - The light of pure love and divine protection; the Christ light.
  • Wizard - An adept practitioner of wicca or other magical rites.
  • Wraith - The appearance of the astral body of a person as their physical body prepares to die or at the point of it's death; sometimes seen by the person whose death is impending but can also be seen by others.
  • Yah - Yahu (God) - I Am that I Am.
  • Yang - The universal positive force; represents the masculine, active principle; associated with light and the sun.
  • Yin - The universal negative force; represents the feminine, passive principle: associated with night and the moon. 
  • Yod - The tenth Hebrew letter; represents the hand or finger of God.
  • Yoga - Union in Sanskrit; the practice of combining controlled breathing and physical postures with meditation to achieve union of body/mind with universal consciousness; commonly practiced for health and energy balance.
  • Yogi - adept practitioner of yoga, usually a teacher of yogic principles, practices and traditions.
  • Zen - Japanese term for a state of stillness, peace and material detachment; meditative state.
  • Zener cards - ESP cards; a deck of 25 cards with simple symbols on them; used for ESP testing or practice; named for their designer.
  • Zenith - The highest central overhead point.
  • Zodiac - Circle of animals/wheel of life; the twelve major constellations believed to influence life on earth.
  • Zodiacal Wheel - The 'heavens' surrounding our earth is divided into twelve sectors, one for each star group; this wheel is used to chart the movements of the stars and planets.

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