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Subconscious Clearing

Healing from the inside out is achieved through subconscious clearing. Deeply rooted emotions, images and beliefs affect our energy. Our energetic emanations and vibrations influence our health, attitudes and the circumstances in our lives. Subconscious clearing is a meditative technique to help relieve and release destructive imprints within our energetic fields.

Imagine your auric field - the life force which emanates from you - if you carry around anger, you have this energy in your aura. All other beings can feel it. They respond to it according to how it mixes with their own energy field. It may manifest as agitation, sympathy, repulsion, confrontation, or, you may just stub your toe real good. Our energies have an effect. They manifest 'outside' of us as well as within (as in health and attitude). Our energies attract and repel people, experiences and events.

The imprints that our subconscious mind stores are often forgotten. But they are still there, having an effect on our energetic systems (we ARE an energetic system!). One way to dig them out of our subconscious files is to memory surf. Once located, you can go to work on repairing the damage through subconscious clearing meditations. These are usually pent-up emotions or false beliefs that cause harm. Some may be like thorns in your foot - causing a constant agitation, which impairs your optimal function as an energetic being.

Subconscious clearing can be worked on at your own pace. Write down any resentments, grudges, hurts, violations or anger that you have. The more you delve into the subconscious, the more you will uncover. Don't let it overwhelm you. Take one thing at a time or address a pile of similar issues as one.

"Inch by inch, anything's a cinch",    Robt. Schuller.

Think of subconscious clearing as weeding a garden. Pull painful and disrupting thoughts out by the roots. If you leave the roots behind, they will regrow. After clearing the weeds, you want to nurture the fertile ground left behind.

Add your amenities to the soil in the form of positive affirmations to heal and build nutritional thought-forms. Water them with 'feel good' emotional imprints - the life blood of an image. This emotion is like applying salve to a wound. You want to heal the thought or belief with appropriate energy. Conjure up the feelings of love, forgiveness, happiness, excitement, freedom, relief, etc., whatever you feel is needed.

Grudges -

If you find a grudge that you've been holding on to, it's time to release yourself from it's heart hardening effects. As long as you hold on to hurt and disappointment, they will have power over you and your life. It is in your best interest to let it go and be free from their effects.

We don't hurt the ones we are mad at as much as we hurt ourselves by holding on to the anger. It's not worth it. Most of the time, the other person has no idea that you are harboring a grudge.

We have to let people off the hook and forgive, after all, they are 'only human'. The human condition blinds us to the truth behind the scenes. Everything appears to be physical and out front, yet in truth, the unseen creates the seen.

Not only do you have to let others off the hook, you have to let yourself off as well. Subconscious clearing can help you do that. We all make mistakes and have regrets - it's the nature of the beast. We have a limited view of reality plus emotions, senses, desires and the attitudes of others to contend with - no wonder we're such a mess! We can't expect ourselves or others to be perfect. Allow for the human factor and forgive.

It's not always easy to forgive, especially in the case of abuse. You can forgive the person for being ignorant, misguided or deluded, but never tolerate abuse. Remove an abuser from your life. No one ever deserves abuse. If you allow it, you give that person power over you and it will continue and maybe even escalate.

Clearing Session:

Set aside quiet time for your subconscious clearing session so you will not be disturbed. Prepare yourself for meditation. You may want to use a recorder so you won't forget things that arise that needs your attention.

State your intent, i.e., "I am ready to resolve any issues that impair my progression and happiness." Let your mind drift towards past hurts, aggressions, guilt, fears or any other negative emotions. Confront them, asking why they are still with you.

Don't disregard your innermost feelings. Pay attention to what your subconscious is trying to tell you. You might feel silly by some things, but take them seriously. Treat your inner self with respect. Acknowledge hurts, embarrassments, etc. Talk to your inner self as a caring healer. "What is the problem? Why hold on to it? What can we do about it? How can we change the experience?"

Talk through the emotion or memory. Replace it with what you want to feel. Maybe you felt justified by holding on to the memory and the feeling it gives you. Realize that they have served their purpose so you can now deal with them with greater understanding, release them and be free, be renewed. You want healing more than you want heartache.

Replace these embedded energy forms with a new perspective and a new image. Tell them why they are being replaced and with what new and improved image. Charge the image with positive emotions. If you are aware of how the image or belief kept you down, feel the joy of the resolution. Envision how your life can change by the release of the negative imprints.

If you have difficulty letting go, give it up to Creator. Ask for assistance in the healing resolution of ___________. We are never alone. Help will come if we are sincere in our asking.

Free Yourself -

Be patient with yourself during subconscious clearing exercises. It may take some work on your part as well as repetition.

If you're holding negative images or beliefs about yourself - it's time to reprogram your thinking. Be your own best friend. Tell yourself how important, unique and worthwhile you are - and MEAN IT! You are a precious being - a child of the Most High - a glimmering essence of Love. Never belittle yourself. If others in your life have or do belittle you, acknowledge their ignorance and move on. They don't speak for Creator, nor for the world. They speak from their own place of insecurity.

Someone once said, "We all are winners because we made it here!" The strongest sperm broke through! We are not here by accident. We are here by choice. We have every right to live and partake of Earth's bounty. If someone thinks that they are better or more deserving than another, they are simply wrong.

Unburden yourself from the opinions of others and from your own self criticisms. Treat yourself like the special spark of Creator that you are.

With subconscious clearing, the goal is to counter negative thought-forms and images with positive and loving affirmations and visions. Create a resolution (the vision and words you want to reprogram your mind with) and see it clearly in your mind's eye.

Forgiveness -

Imagine the dialogue that you'd like to have with the person you want to forgive. Envision a pink light around you and the person. Explain your intent by saying something like, "I forgive you because you didn't realize what you did or said." or, "I forgive you because you didn't know any better"; "I am now free from your influence and you are free from me."

If you're trying to forgive someone with a cruel or demeaning character, see them in a bubble floating away from you until they disappear. Affirm, "I no longer allow you to affect me, you are powerless, I release you completely from my mind, heart and soul and I go free." End each resolution with an emotional charge of love, joy, peace and certainty and a vision of your happy face!

You can change the past. You can change the effect it has on you. It is interesting how people can see the same events and remember them differently. Even two people that are close seem to recall a common event differently. Not only do we see things differently, we interpret words and events uniquely and focus on different aspects of an event. Our memories are colored by the many lenses we see an event through. The main lens we interpret through is our deeply held beliefs.

Our beliefs may or may not be based in reality but in a version of reality that we have developed our beliefs through. So don't hold so tight to previous beliefs. Sometimes we outgrow our beliefs. Subconscious clearing can help you overcome negative beliefs and embrace a positive outlook to build a future that you want to experience.

"A true shaman has no beliefs." (quote from the Medicine Woman series by Lynn Andrews) This is because we are limited by our beliefs. If we stand strong in certain beliefs, we might not be able to see past them into other possibilities that have validity. Don't let your beliefs become roadblocks to your growth. You might be surprised by what really is possible.

Subconscious clearing gets rid of old baggage that can weigh us down, cluttering up our hearts and minds and impeding our bright futures. Lighten your load and see how good you feel.

Recognize that things aren't always the way we see them and people don't always mean what we think they do. "Cast your burdens to the Lord and go free" to create, free to laugh, to enjoy and free to love. Love yourself enough to let go.


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