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The Sacred Breath

Breath is Sacred. It belongs to Earth. The atmosphere IS the Sacred Breath of Mother Earth. It is akin to our auric field, the energetic field of light that surrounds us and holds our spiritual presence securely to our bodies.

Sacred breath, life giver. We cannot maintain our physical bodies without it. It connects us to every other living thing on Earth. It's the bond between us all, flowing in and out, mingling with the breath of other people, animals, plants, etc.

This exchange is a loving dance between our Mother and Her children. Trees and plants are part of Her respiratory system, filtering the air to feed those of us who need it. Breath is not ours, it is borrowed for the time that it is needed.

We take air for granted as empty space, yet it is substance. We can feel it as wind. It is always inside, outside and all around us everywhere we are on earth. We are enveloped by the embrace of Earth's Sacred Breath. It rests against our skin. It fills our bodies with fresh life. It is a conductor for light, heat and cold.

Sacred Breath is Healing Breath

It conducts light and negative ions (which invokes positive thoughts and feelings) bringing healing energy from outside of ourselves to the inside. Air Therapy cleanses the body and mind through the respiratory system.

As we know, the lungs bring oxygen to the blood which then distributes it throughout the body. Our cells need oxygen to function properly. OXYGEN IS LIFE to our bodies. Our bodies cry out for oxygen when it yawns. It relieves stress through deep breaths or sighs. It is well known that deep rhythmic breathing calms and lowers blood pressure.

Focusing on the breath is central to many healing traditions and practices. Today many psychologists, counselors and even some medical doctors prescribe breathing techniques to their patients. Breathing alone can put one into a meditative state. Controlled breathing combined with visualization is a powerful healing tool.

Air-apy :

The antidote for paralysis caused by fear is breath! Don't forget to breathe! Breathe deep when in shock or fear stricken. Breathe deep and slow when mad. Pace your breathing when engaging in strenuous activities.

Breath not only gives life, it brings health when you learn how to use it to your advantage. Meditate on the breath of Earth Mother and fill yourself with Her precious healing love.

Become conscious of breath, breathe intentionally. Hold living breath within full lungs, allow lungs to absorb every element that it needs from it.

Let go of everything your body (and mind) doesn't need on :

* exhalation : release, empty.

* Inhale : invite life, fill.

* Hold : absorb, retain, extract, bask, bathe.

* Repeat using positive affirmations and imagery.

Every breath is a healing breath. Each has the potential to bring life giving or life diminishing effects.


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