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Authors of Interest

This page is dedicated to the authors that I admire who bring wisdom, insight and inspiration to the mystic path.

Edgar Cayce1877-1945

Edgar was coined, "The Sleeping Prophet" by biographer Jess Stearn in 1967. The name came from the fact that Edgar would go into a trance state while his higher self would diagnose and prescribe remedies for people as well as give prophetic probabilities and metaphysical information. His conscious self would not be aware of the discourse during his trance and he was often surprised by the content, especially that of a metaphysical nature.

Born near Hopkinsville, KY, he was a psychic child. His parents dismissed it as an overactive imagination. He grew up to become a photographer and a Sunday School teacher. He was a devout Protestant who read the bible daily and finished it every year.

He developed a paralysis of the throat at age 21 which made it near impossible to speak. He had a friend help him go into a hypnotic state to give him suggestions. While under hypnosis, he gave instructions to his friend on what to do to fix the problem. Edgar had no memory of what he had said. The solutions given worked. As the word got out, people started contacting him to help them. And he did. The legend began.

Edgar gave 30,000 readings over 43 years. He never profited from them. He lived a humble life of service. The Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach, VA was founded in 1932 to house, preserve and study his readings.

Although not an author himself, many books have been written on the material that he channeled. Another biographer, Thomas Sugrue, knew Cayce and his family and even lived with them for a time while preparing the book, "There Is A River, The Story of Edgar Cayce". It was copyrighted in 1942. Cayce died at age 67 in Virginia Beach.

While I have known about Edgar Cayce for many years, I have just recently begun to read his books. After reading a few excerpts from a few different books, I realized what a great impact his work has had on the field of metaphysics. I highly recommend these books no matter where you are on 'the path'.

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Florence Scovel Shinn - September 24, 1871 - October 17, 1940

Born in Camden, NJ, Florence was an artist and illustrator, metaphysical teacher, writer and lecturer. She was the 'Queen of Affirmations'. She had a deep understanding of natural laws and how to use them to create a positive and abundant life. She taught with a clarity that anyone could grasp. She's at the top of my list as a go-to resource for creating the life you want.

Florence self-published her first book, "The Game of Life and How to Play It". It is included in "The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn" along with three more of her books. This is the one I've used. I loved it so much and thought so highly of it that I would buy extra copies of it just to give away. That's how important her work is. She has undoubtedly influenced many throughout the world and increased metaphysical understanding. Her writings have inspired many other authors and teachers who in turn have helped to enlighten others. She left the world at age 69, but her legacy endures.

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Robert Harold Schuller - September 16 1926

Born on a farm in Alton, Iowa during "the Souix County flood of 1926", he was the youngest of five. He described his early homestead as "the end of a dirt road that had no name and no number."

From Dutch descent, he became a Protestant minister of the Reformed Church of America. His messages are a blend of Christianity and Psychology to inspire and uplift people.

As one of the giants of positive thinking, which he calls 'Possibility thinking', he is a living testament to it's benefits. He and his wife, Arvella, made the cross country trip to California in 1955 to start a church with $500. He said that on the way, they made a list of ten possibilities of where they could start a church. They were turned down for all of them except the last one on the list...a drive-in theater where they would be allowed to hold Sunday church services on the roof top of the snack bar.

From meager beginnings at the drive-in to the famous Crystal Cathedral, Dr. Schuller is an icon. He began the longest running televised Sunday Service, 'The Hour of Power', in 1970. He is known worldwide. He has written more than thirty books which have been translated into 22 languages.

Though he has been criticized by fundamentalists, he's one of my modern day heroes. His use of words and phrases sing to my heart. I have the highest regard for his works as a positive thoughts administrator and inspirational guru. You don't have to be a Christian to benefit from the great wisdom this man delivers! He accurately states, "Nine out of ten negative thinking people are experts in their field!" Witty and wise, he wears no disguise! Give him a try.

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Jane Roberts - May 8, 1929 - September 5, 1984

Jane is my all-time favorite author and personal hero. Love-love-love-her!! She was the channel for the entity known as Seth. In fact, the names Jane Roberts and Seth are eternally bound by their twenty year collaboration and the resulting volumes of masterful revelations about reality.

These works have contributed to the modern new-age/thought movement more than any other source, inspiring numerous successful writers and teachers in the field. I personally believe that Seth's information has also inspired many of the concepts of modern physics.

Jane never took credit for being the author of the "Seth" books, but she was an author in her own right before and during her relationship with Seth. Without her though, Seth might not have presented his material. She was the essential ingredient, the perfect channel.

I was introduced to "Seth Material" when I was about 14. I spent a summer with a young 30-something couple, they were like surrogate parents to me. They made a huge impact on me (though I didn't know it at the time). They asked me if I wanted to read a good book. When they told me what it was about, I jumped on it. It was hard to read at that age, because I had other things on my mind, but I came back to it later.

That book blew my mind wide open! Something magical happened...when I came to parts that were hard to understand, I would ask to understand (as per my spiritual beliefs) and clarity would ensue, suddenly I could 'see' or know what was meant. That added to my intrigue.

I went from that book to Jane's "Psychic Politics". That's when I really identified with her from a personal standpoint. I felt strangely connected to her, like she thought about things the way I did. Her work is truly a gift to the world...If you've never read a Seth and/or Jane book, you're missing the metaphysical boat!

Moustafa Gadalla - 1944

An independent Egyptologist, born in Cairo, Egypt. He has researched and studied all aspects of Ancient Egypt. He came to the U.S. in 1971 and is the chairman of the Tehuti Research Foundation, a non-profit organization.

Moustafa has authored many exceptional books about Ancient Egypt which imply that it may be the birthplace of metaphysics throughout the world. Worthwhile reading.

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