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Philosophy of Metaphysics

Metaphysics relates to the nature of existence and beingness beyond the normally accepted or "known" reality. Metaphysical means beyond or before the physical. It deals with the transcendence of the material plane to discover the science of the Divine....the how, why and what of us, our origins, and our world. The questions that science cannot answer for us, we have to find the answers for ourselves.

We must go within the mind to connect with the Divine.

Some say we cannot know what is beyond the physical plane of existence. That may be true for some, but not for many of us. We CAN know many "unproven" things through inner knowledge and exploration, intuition and experience, through Divine Providence, and through the experiences of others. What is philosophical to some, is truth to others.

There are tons of case histories of near-death experiences and memories stored in the subconscious minds of people who, through hypnosis and regression, can accurately recount past lives, other worlds, and yes, even alien encounters. Many people dismiss these accounts as fantasy - but they wouldn't if they experienced any of this phenomena for themselves.

Metaphysicians know that the personality survives physical death. As one person put it, "It just makes sense, everything in nature is recycled, why should we be any different? God doesn't throw away anything!"

Science will prove the philosophies of metaphysics step by step. They are working hard on it this very moment. From string theory to wormholes to parallel universes and extra dimensions, it's getting very exciting!

There are innumerable worlds brimming with life that we don't see. There are a myriad of unimaginable life forms, galaxies and dimensions that we know nothing about.

There is Life behind Life. Unseen influences that without them we would not exist.

Although there are commonalities among the teachers of Metaphysics, there are also differences - as each person's perception is unique.

The basic premise of a Super Intelligence of which all minds originate is a major aspect of metaphysical philosophy. Along with the assertion that mind is the key component of creation and every mind creates it's own experience.

Michael's Metaphysical Alchemy


Principles of Metaphysics

1) There is One Creator - the Infinite Source of Everything that Exists.

2) Every particle within creation is alive with Spirit and intelligence.

3) No thing or being is ever separated from the Creator. We exist within Divine Mind.

4) Every thought, feeling, impulse and action is eternally imprinted on the fabric of reality. Nothing is ever lost nor forgotten in Divine Mind.

5) Energy is the Essence of Life. It cannot be destroyed, only transformed, therefore, life is eternal.

6) Every being is formed first in Spirit (energetic intelligence) and maintains it's identity throughout all experiences in form.

7) All life is interconnected - it is One Life. Every action has a reaction and influence on the whole.

8) The physical planes of existence are reflections of Spiritual (true) reality.

9) Life possibilities are unlimited. All things are possible within the mind of the Creator.

10) There are natural laws governing every realm of creation that "holds them together" in order to maintain the stability of each realm.

11) Free will is inherent within creation but bound by the construct of the natural laws of any given realm chosen for the expression of life.

12) We are multidimensional beings existing in many planes of awareness within infinite realities for the growth, expansion and expression of our spirits, including simultaneous and parallel lives.

13) Each spirit is accountable for the energies it expresses in thought, word and deed.

14) We can only go as far as we grow - our development determines our advancement. We are bound only by our limited thinking, perceptions and actions.

15) The Soul is the combined knowledge and experience of the Spirit's journey through creation.

16) Evolution is the eternal path of the Soul. Forms and realities change, but the Spirit is constant and without end.

17) Everything has a vibratory tone which is generated by it's pattern and frequency of energetic substance - it's signature.

18) Reality perception occurs through the conscious mind and is determined by experience and belief. The conscious mind is a pinpoint of the awareness of the whole mind (the spiritual self).

19) It is not the Lord but the Law that brings penance to the Soul. (Similar to karmic philosophy)

20) Each particle of Life is valued and loved by Creator. The gifts of free will and eternal life are testaments of that.

21) We are never alone. We are always watched over and surrounded by loving Spirits and helpers, called guides, teachers, guardians, elementals and sometimes "imaginary friends."

22) Communication can occur between any and all intelligences, in and out of "form".

23) Souls form groups much like families, who assist, experience, create and journey together.

24) Humankind has many Soul groups that have formed a legion of Mass Consciousness.

25) We have all psychically agreed to join together to create our reality - to "sustain the illusion" of what we perceive to be the REAL WORLD.

26) Our combined energetic emissions of thought, emotions and belief - the collective unconscious - determines our experiences and Earthly fate as a whole.

27) We have the power to change our reality and our world.

28) All beings are co-creators with the Divine.

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