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Metaphysicians that truly work with the Hierarchies of Spirit, have a code of behavior which seeks to serve "The Light", via the principles of enlightenment. Some people call them "Lightworkers". Those that work with Spiritual Forces for the betterment of all are said to be on "The Sacred Path".

The abilities that are developed and utilized by metaphysicians require a diligent mindset and a true heart, for with knowledge comes responsibility. Your energetic creations are added unto you, affecting you, your personal life, and those that are involved with you.

When you realize that the movements you make within the energetic field of light carries a personal accountability, you consciously agree to accept the consequences, which makes you even more responsible than those that are unaware of this truth. This is because you are making a deliberate choice to use your knowledge of energy work to influence outcomes and achieve results. In short, you know the potential of your personal power thus the potential consequences of it's use.

For instance, when you connect with higher mind, you gain a clarity beyond normal awareness. You may see how easy it is to manipulate for your own purposes, yet you know that to manipulate people would interfere with the law of free will and therefore be unethical. You may choose instead to manipulate energies to assist you in your quest. The key being, "with harm to none".

Those that are vengeful, self-idolizing and selfish or who use their abilities carelessly, attract and are attracted to darkness. They can gravitate into an ignorant abyss of negativity and eventually self-destruct. There are forces that are always available to manipulate the careless and the unwise.

Metaphysicians who are working "in the Light" don't have to gather up people and say, "Follow ME". Their light attracts people who are ready to join the path. There is no need for trickery or falsity. The Hierarchy assists always, working with the true of heart. True love finds its own!

The Metaphysicians Code of Ethics is for ALL modes of behavior and psychic work. It protects the practitioner as well as others and brings in the support of the Hierarchy.

Metaphysicians Code of Ethics

  1. Respect the law of free will (unless a crime is being committed, in which case the law of social responsibility comes in to play).
  2. Do not invade the privacy of others when unwarranted.
  3. Keep intentions pure.
  4. Do nothing to bring harm.
  5. Treat all life with respect.
  6. Do not make false claims.
  7. Be mindful of the influence you have upon others.
  8. Do not intentionally mislead others.
  9. Do not engage in nor condone criminal or deviate behavior.
  10. Do not allow others to follow you as a savior or master, but teach them to honor their own power by developing it for themselves.
  11. Do not seek glory for your works, appreciation is preferred.
  12. Give guidance not commands.
  13. Live with a grateful heart and a gracious manner.
  14. Do not seek to dominate, manipulate or control others.
  15. Never exploit others.
  16. Work in harmony with the natural world and its forces.
  17. Resolve anger through transmutation to avoid careless release of energy.
  18. Give more than you take.
  19. Gold is not God, do not put money before people.
  20. Prosperity is to be put to good use, not to be hoarded but shared.
  21. Do not become self-aggrandized.
  22. Do good when it is in your power to do so.
  23. Deal fairly with others and be not prejudiced.
  24. Intervene only on the side of truth, fairness and protection.
  25. Be a shining beacon of light, exhibiting qualities of honesty, integrity, forgiveness, graciousness, understanding, love, kindness, honor and cheerfulness.
  26. Always strive for Cosmic Consciousness - the expansion of awareness beyond the ego self and the material realm of being.

Council of Light and the Hierarchy of Spirit

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