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Planetary Influences

The planetary influences are an important primary ingredient in astrology. As a part of our solar system, the planets have an effect on our Earthly system and ourselves. As siblings to Earth, they are part of our cosmic family.

Planetary influences change as they move through the signs of the zodiac and the houses of the horoscope. As they travel, they form aspects to the Sun, Moon and each other as well as key points in the horoscope that create specific energies.

The position of the planets at the time of one's birth reveals an energetic blueprint of a person's leanings and direction in life including their talents, abilities, challenges, instincts, desires, etc.

Ruling Planets :

The planets are called "wanderers" because they are traveling celestial bodies unlike the constellations which remain fixed. Planets are said to "rule" the signs of the zodiac, but it's more accurate to say that a planet represents or activates the qualities of a sign. The planetary influences correspond to the energies of a constellation.

The sign you are born under determines your "ruling planet". You are considered a 'native' of that planet. Your planetary rulership is the primary energetic influence over your present personality.

Ex: Taurus people are considered to be natives of Venus since Venus rules (corresponds to) Taurus, therefore they are primarily influenced by the qualities of Venus. 

Luminaries :

The Sun and Moon are not actually planets, but luminaries. They are guideposts of daily life. Their effects are just as real and obviously more important. For astrological purposes, they are categorized with the planets.

The Sun is a fixed star and the center of our solar system. It is the generator of energy for our system and associated with the Creator, thus called "the giver of life." Our Sun sign (birth sign) is the ruler of our character and destiny.

The planets in order of proximity to our Sun is Mercury as the closest, then Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Some astrologers believe that there are still undiscovered planets in our solar system and that their appearance will initiate new energies of advancement for humanity. 

The Moon is Earth's satellite and influences us greatly. It is considered the conductor of energy because it reflects light and is an important light source for us. It rules over daily happenings, moods and personalities.                               

See the Solar System animation here.

Planetary Influences Primer :

The Planets

SUN - Corresponds to Leo. Shows our general nature and disposition.  Represents the creative and progressive urge, leadership, pride and honor, ambition, general health, the will, ego, fame, cheerfulness, honesty, generosity, confidence, warmth, wisdom, authority, employers, public office, and male relationships.

Negative qualities - Harshness, pompous, domineering, egotism, forceful and discontent.

MOON - Corresponds to Cancer. Indicates our emotional responses and needs, the impression we make on others, and how we intuit. Represents instincts, moods, fluctuations, receptivity, patterns, desires, needs, intuition, reflexes, phases, daily activities, travel by water, liquids, fertility, maternity, female relationships and the masses.

Negative qualities - Dreamy, gullible, lazy, frivolous, changeable and moody.

MERCURY Corresponds to Gemini and Virgo. Called the 'Messenger of the gods', Mercury rules communications of all types, writing, speaking, telepathy, technological communication and transportation. It's position shows how we learn, how our minds work and how we communicate.

Represents the intellect, keen perception, reason and rationality, quickness, curiosity, expressiveness, trade, short trips and sibling relationships.

Negative qualities - Scattered energies, inconsistent, unreliable, sarcastic, gossipy and ungrounded.

VENUS - Corresponds to Taurus and Libra. As "the goddess of love", she rules matters of the heart -  love and relationships,  partnerships, and beauty. Her position reveals how we love, how we socialize, what brings us enjoyment, our artistic abilities and personal tastes.

She represents harmony, music, the arts, appreciation, pleasure, taste, culture, gentleness, morality, luxury, sociability, kindness, affection and possessions.

Negative qualities - Vanity, promiscuity, laziness, self-indulgence.

MARS - Corresponds to Aries. The warrior and protector who restores balance from chaos. Mars shows our style of aggression, ambition, defense, stamina and how we use our energy.

Represents endurance, courage, power, construction, initiation, strength, passion, sexuality, physical health, competition, assertiveness and aggression. Rules over accidents, wounds, surgery and tools.

Negative qualities - Impatience, arrogance, disruption, destruction, cruelty, anger and foolishness.

JUPITER - Corresponds to Sagittarius. Indicates our careers, where we are lucky and how we use our finances; how we treat our friends and what philosophies we adhere to.

Represents good fortune, luck, prosperity, expansion, honor, faith, religion, growth, morality, philosophy, optimism, education, law, order, judgement, sports, big business, foreign travel and the superconscious mind.

Negative qualities - Materialism, fanaticism, addiction, hypocrisy, selfishness and extravagance.

SATURN Corresponds to Capricorn. The "Great Teacher" shows us our sense of responsibility, our obstacles, how we discipline ourselves, what holds us back and our inner authority.

Represents wisdom through experience, work and labor, responsibility, thrift, sensibility, caution, conservation, discipline, patience, tradition, science, organizations, boundaries and relationships with elders.

Negative qualities - Suspicion, jealousy, shyness, limitation, contradiction, obstruction and darkness.

URANUS - Corresponds to Aquarius. Shows where we are independent, unpredictable, innovative, driven and strong.

Represents opportunity, freedom, originality, boldness, philanthropy, philosophy, inspiration, social reform, politics, community, invention, clairvoyance, natural law, alternate modalities. Rules electricity, x-rays, scientific discoveries, natural disasters and the paranormal.

Negative qualities - Rebellious, irresponsible, self-centered, eccentric, egotistic, violent, crass and arrogant.

NEPTUNE - Corresponds to Pisces. Indicates where we are inspired, creative, diplomatic and charming. Shows what we daydream about, our ideals and our methods of escape.

Represents intuition, clairvoyance, mysticism, spirituality, inspiration, romance, receptivity, peace, generosity, imagination, selflessness, charm, music, glamor, arts and entertainment, high ideals, diplomacy, camouflage and cosmic mind. Rules water and sensitivity.

Negative qualities - Secretive, delusional, unsteady, melancholy, addictive, deceptive, sinister, impressionable and nervous.

PLUTO - Corresponds to Scorpio. Rules cycles of transformation. Reveals how you deal with change, endings, death and how you bounce back.

Represents intensity, regeneration, revelation, contemplation, innovation, transformation, reformation, progression, reincarnation, group mind and subconscious mind. Rules atomic power, bacteria, recycling, birth and death.

Negative qualities - Obsession, anti-social, unrest, rebellion, destruction, deterioration, crime and dictatorship.

These planetary influences are personalized by the sign they are in at the time of your birth. You can gain a lot of insight by this information alone.

The house of the horoscope that a planet is in and any aspects to other planets also play an important role in an individual's planetary influences.

The term Horoscope simply means: the map of the hour or 'hourly scope'. It shows the placement of all the known planets at any given moment in time. From this, the planetary influences can be discerned for any event.

See the planets here.

See the planets in position. This is cute if you animate it with the box under the chart.

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