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Bank of Consciousness

Now is the time to invest in the Bank of Consciousness. Make your investment pledge today, this hour, this moment. This message has come to you at this time because your inner self seeks to be reminded of this crucial tool to influence our worldly destiny.

The bank is open to everyone, it is the Bank of One, it is the Mass Consciousness, the collective soul of humanity. Your return on your investment could be immense and it is definitely immeasurable in terms of it's far reaching effects.

Every thought, feeling and deed is contained in the Bank of Consciousness. It is an energetic bank which collects and combines all energetic emissions from us as a whole. What we put in not only affects us as individuals, but also affects ALL of US as a race - the human race.

Trends, movements, governments, inventions, world affairs and events, etc. are all a product of the investments held by the Bank. We receive our portion based on our individual emanations, but are also influenced by the totality of investments made to the Bank of Consciousness.

Obviously, what happens in our neighborhoods, districts, regions and countries personally affect us, but the global influence affects the whole of US.

What kind of world do we want? Think about it and choose your investment wisely according to the welfare of the race, not just your town.

There are many who consistently put out harmful, malevolent and destructive energies. It is our duty as enlightened beings (because we are in the know) to counteract the influx of...well...stupidity. Those that have no concern for the whole are a detriment to that whole. We have to step up our positive investments and spread the word so that others will too.

It's easy to forget this important (vital) responsibility on a daily basis, yet we must try. Make a pledge to the children of this world to invest DAILY in our future well-being. Schedule a time to make your investment that will fit easily into your day. Maybe it would be the first thing in the morning, right before bed or at lunch. To make it consistent, it has to easily fit into your daily lifestyle. Make it a point to invest as much as possible, like every time you think of it.

Customize your investment to your personality. It may be in the form of a meditation, a prayer, a mantra, a visual, even a song. Whatever works for you - or do them all! It ALWAYS helps to use a visual to reinforce your words and thoughts.

Our goal in contributing to the uplifting of human society is also to override the negativity that is projected into the Bank of Consciousness. Let us embrace our power of numbers and use the abilities we have to affect Great Change. Our future IS in our hands.

Speak your good words today - and everyday, every hour, every moment. By doing so, we can raise the vibration of the whole.

Yes, we all entertain negative thoughts and experience negative feelings - but we CAN transmute them with the power of our sensibilities. Set yourself straight - give yourself a pep talk - change your thinking and your reactions. Be PROACTIVE! Bless YOU, bless US.

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