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Spiritual Guidance

Why do we need spiritual guidance?

Spiritual guidance is one of the most wonderful opportunities open to us, but few venture to go there. Those that do, jump on the magic bus of life.

Imagine that you live in a room. Your whole world is encompassed by the room. You've heard that there are other rooms beyond the one that you know although you can't see them. In these rooms are beings that can see you. They also have access to many other rooms that you do not perceive. They have a much broader scope of vision and insight available to them which they can share with you.

Being able to access wisdom and knowledge that you might not get otherwise is reason enough to cultivate communications with the unseen worlds. Connecting with our spiritual allies expedites our spiritual growth, understanding and development.

Who are these "spirits"?

First let's clarify the term "spirit". A spirit is a being without a physical body as we know it. It is also the essence of our own beingness, our true nature. We call these unseen beings spirits, yet they are just as tangible in their domain as we are in this one. They are REAL and ALIVE!

Spirits of many types and intents abound. Not any spirit will do when seeking spiritual guidance. In fact, we must be very careful in contacting this realm of existence. If not properly protected, we could invite in all sorts of chaos. Always surround yourself and your domain with Creator's loving white light (the Christ light). Darkness cannot linger there.

Spirit Guides

The spirits to summon and commune with are those of High Mind. These are the teachers and guides, protectors and advisers that we come into the world with. They are our "spirit band". NO ONE ever comes to Earth ALONE! We are NEVER alone. They are also called 'spirit helpers' or 'spirit guides'. You will know them by their love. They have unconditional love, they know you intricately, accept you completely, support you always and have your best interests at heart.

Our guides make commitments to us when we compose the blueprint for a particular life experience. They are part of our group mind or soul group. Friends and relatives from many lives are often in our group as we like to incarnate together. They agree to be there for us and to help keep us on track.

Their vision is clear, they see through all facade. They know your path, your past, your goals and secrets - for there are no secrets in DIVINE MIND.

They are aware of our daily fluctuations, thoughts and emotions. They're always trying to help us learn and achieve our life's goals.

It's not their job to make your life easy or effortless, nor to be your 'Fairy Godmother', granting your every wish.

Our guides know our personal symbology. They use it to try and commune with us. They are always impulsing us and sending signals. We can help them by becoming aware of their efforts (and existence). They are perfectly attuned to us and our unique styles of perception. They await for us to awaken to their reality. They provide clues along the way.

Our spirit guides ALWAYS honor our free will. They will not interfere with our decisions. We must ASK for and accept their guidance. A bossy, hateful, mean or unkind spirit IS NOT one of your guides and should never be appeased. Send them on their way by asserting your rights in your own domain, surrounding yourself in Light and demanding that they leave. It might annoy them, but you might advise them to go to the light! You can also ask your guides to expel the entity.

blue angel

Some people imagine their guides with human qualities. They are in a position of much greater understanding and awareness. Besides their broader vision, they do not give up on you, or get mad or hurt by petty human fallacy. They come from a place of pure love. Rest assured, if you get mad at them, they will forgive you and will not abandon you. They know the frustrations we face.

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Elements of Spiritual Guidance takes alot of faith to follow spiritual guidance. The world will tell you what you should do or how to be - but one size does not fit all. It takes strength and commitment as well as a deep level of trust to follow spiritual guidance. "Be in the world but not of it".

Trust...not only must you trust in the Divine, you must also trust yourself. Everyone says, "Of course I trust myself". But do we? Do we trust our impressions and perceptions? Do we trust our ability to discern between Divine interjections and the self? Do we trust our receptivity, sensitivity and sensibility?

These are the basics. If you can't be sure what is coming from Spirit and what is coming from your own thoughts and imaginings - discernment may be challenging, but can be learned.

How do you learn trust? Bit by bit. You say, 'Spirit prove yourself'. You record conversations and symbolic revelations from Spirit. You test them. Ask questions, ask for solutions. See what happens. You will learn by doing, the more you practice, the more confident you become. They will never ask you to do anything immoral.

Know Thyself...if you know your own mind and how you think, your subconscious beliefs, your desires, feelings and attitudes - you can more easily recognize when you are tuning in to other channels or wavelengths.

Have you ever noticed your thoughts becoming erratic, confused or odd when in the company of crowds or certain people? If this has happened to you, you are most likely picking up the thoughts of others. If you haven't noticed, make an attempt TO notice how or if your thoughts change when others are around. I sometimes get thoughts and wonder where they came from because I know they're not mine. I also find it hard to concentrate when other people are around because their thoughts distract me from what I'm trying to focus on.

When this happens, take a moment to recenter yourself and reinforce your auric field. A simple prayer or affirmation can quickly bring you back to center. While doing this, envision your aura as a shield around you, keeping out unwanted influences. It is good practice to do this whenever you go into public places.

Knowing yourself thoroughly helps you to perceive when outside influences are at work in your mind and energy field. Your beliefs can predispose you to false conclusions. You can easily delude yourself by coloring your interpretations of phenomena with your personal beliefs or fears.

I am often surprised at the things Spirit says - their genius is straightforward and simple, yet profound. Their humor is tremendous and their love is pure, in fact, it is often stunning! Their spiritual guidance is stimulating and nurturing, helping always to bring you into self-realization and peace of mind.

The Process

When you are ready to establish relationships with your guides, you will need to spend time in meditative thought and practice. Take the time, make the effort and you'll be rewarded beyond your imagination.

Start your meditations by centering yourself, putting yourself in Divine protection and grounding yourself. These are important preliminary steps.

Practice clearing your mind and relaxing your body. Use deep breathing which relaxes and raises your vibrations. We have to bring our consciousness into alignment with higher mind for clearer reception - to tune into their channel.

We have to be able to listen in order to receive spiritual guidance. How can we hear anything when the mind is always preoccupied with our own thoughts?

When ready, simply ASK your guides to make themselves known to you. They are eager to commune with us. If you are reading this, they are probably behind it, so you must be ready.

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in." Rev. 3:20

Spirit is ever ready. We have to learn how to do our part. We have to be sincere. We have to make the effort. Often we are called to interpret signs and symbols and listen to the wind. Spiritual guidance can come in the form of anyone or anything. Never put limits on the ways of Spirit. Always be attentive. Have faith, have trust, keep an open mind and receive a Great Blessing!

Spiritual guidance is a great, generally untapped, resource available to mankind. Though many unknowingly do benefit from it, it is much more beneficial to consciously pursue it, as these lines of communications are very important for our futures.


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