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Basis of Life

The basis of life is energy. The essence of everything that exists is energy. Whether formed or unformed, visible or invisible, everything has an energetic structure.

Energy is the seed. It is the essence of our spirit, our identity, our foundational being, it carries us through eternity. Energy is the life force, the breath of the Creator.

Every particle is an energetic particle. Thoughts, emotions and sensations are all energetic in nature. "Empty" space is filled with energetically alive particles. Nothing exists without energy's imprint.

Solidity is an illusion. It is an effect of vibrating atomic particles. We know that subatomic particles are arranged to create atoms, and atoms are combined to create molecules, and molecules are patterned into forms. The experience of form results from the arrangement of energetic particles into patterns with various degrees of frequency.

Frequency is the rate of vibration which determines the manifesting quality of energy. (ex. Radio waves have a lower frequency than visible light, while x-rays have a higher frequency than visible light.) Vibration is energy in motion.

Energy is dispersed through light and sound. Form is apparent through the intricate energetic patterns of light and sound. Everything with movement vibrates and creates sound, whether we hear it or not.

Edgar Cayce reported in his trance state, that light is the movement of God.

prism rainbow

There are spectrums of energy which are experienced by fragmentation. Division creates new paths, new variables, new energies, new forms.

A prism refracts light, seemingly separating it into a visible spectrum of color. Each ray is an energetic strand with its' own frequency of vibration, thus effect.

We see the individualized components of light through refraction. When the medium for refraction is removed, the spectrum returns to its' native white light.

This effect is an analogous model of the levels of existence and form, as well as the hierarchies of spirit, the lives of a spirit, the path of soul groups, etc.

Just as every ray of the spectrum is an individualized part of the light, all aspects of life are part of the Creator. The Creator IS the Light. We originate within the spectrum of light energy.

Our human spirits have fragmented from our source self (higher self), which has fragmented from a soul group or group mind. Like the tree of human ancestry, our spiritual lineage is deeply rooted and complex. Although we have fragmented, we can reunite at will.

Metaphysical Life View

In metaphysics, we are aware that the physical world is a small part of reality. Some think it is a training ground for our spirits. That we come here to learn and develop the noble qualities of higher beings to advance ourselves spiritually. Or that we come here to learn to use energy wisely so we can create responsibly when we reach a higher plane in which thought creates instantly.

Others think that this world (and others) is the "playground of the gods" and that we ARE the gods that incarnate on Earth for physical experiences and to create our desires.

Don't think though that what you do doesn't matter, because everything matters in an energetic universe, "every action has an equal or greater reaction".

We are, in essence, spiritual beings living in a physical world. This is a temporary state, but life does continue. Earth is not the end-all. The beloved Earth is an entity of it's own, with it's own lifespan, that belongs to the family of Solaris within the clan of the Milky Way.

Although we call Her "Mother", Earth has no gender, just as our spirits are genderless. We may choose to express ourselves as male or female in a given lifetime, but we embody both of these aspects within us.

On a spirit journey I once had, I saw a beautiful, serene being sitting in a lotus position with one hand above and one hand below a globe suspended between the two. The palms were facing the globe and keeping it in balanced suspension. It seemed that the globe was the Earth. I knew that this being was neither male nor female. It was very beautiful and awe inspiring. I will never forget it.

I took it as a reminder that life is not random, there are intelligent forces at play that oversee, guide, protect and keep the balance over every part of creation. 

"You are now rooted in your creaturehood, graced to perceive through your body a unique living experience."  

Seth from 'The Nature of Personal Reality'

Edgar Cayce suggested that we entered the Earth plane as light beings and gradually inserted ourselves deeper and deeper into physicality, eventually becoming physical embodiments.

When we began eating of the Earth's substances, is when we solidified our spirits into this world and became part of it. We then became subject to the laws of nature within the Earth's field. We became Her children and entered Her cycles of birth, death and renewal. Our spirits still retain immortality.

As we became more and more engrossed within the world of Earth and the Karmic cycles that we created, we separated ourselves from our spiritual knowledge and identity. It was preserved by many, but lost to the masses who focused on the physical reality above the spiritual.

Science is still trying to get to the bottom of things. They're smashing atoms and trying to pick apart subatomic particles to see what is behind them. It's all ENERGY! It's all around and within. Life is bottomless and infinite, constantly evolving.

Energy is the building block of all life, the substance of everything, known and unknown. What kind of energy? Divine Energy of course.

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