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Self : Friend or Foe?

What is the biggest problem in our world?

It's not violence - abuse - greed - moral decay - nor corruption. These are by-products of a larger human defect - SELFISHNESS - living primarily for personal gratification.

We all have a part of it - it's human nature. It's an instinct called self-preservation. However, when the flesh meets the Soul, selfishness becomes selflessness.

Naturally we can't live our lives FOR others. We can't give up our goals to please others - nor our sustenance, nor our identity. We must honor our own being before we can honor others. We must love ourselves before we are able to love others. If we don't take care of ourselves, we won't be able to take care of others.

The Trickster Within

The self-centered person is an unfulfilled beast - it can never have enough. Like a bottomless pit - it can never be filled. It devours life in search of gratification. It uses others to fulfill itself. It develops ways to manipulate people and circumstances to get its way - often becoming deceptive, hiding its true motives, giving only to receive a desired outcome.

It lies - it cries - it's bewildered, helpless or upset - or any other ploy to get YOU to give IT what it wants. It's like a child trying to get it's way and if you let them get what they want with these tactics - you've taught them how to manipulate.

It becomes a way of being, of existing, of operating. But what it doesn't know, is that it will never find true love or lasting joy.

Happiness is a by-product of living right, making good choices and living with truth. It is not a destination. People kid themselves into thinking that it is - "if I had this or that, then I'd be happy." When they get the THING of their dreams, they soon want something else.

Happiness is internal. If you are happy with your own character and actions, you can be happy anywhere you go - because you're free! Your heart is unburdened. You have no ulterior motives, no lies to cover, you're guilt free - the TRUTH will set you free.

You won't have to depend on others to make you happy. When you ARE the right person, you attract the right person, or people or circumstances.

Honesty and integrity frees us to our own natural joy!

The Self Absorbed Beast

Seven Swords

Manipulators are puppeteers, They hold on to people and get them to do what they want through the many strings they've attached via guilt, obligation, pity, neediness, fear or other emotions.

They appeal to the sensitivities of others that are lacking in themselves. They are the ones that don't mind asking for favors - but, when you call them, they have many reasons why they can't be there for you.

They are the fat-takers - they take all they can for themselves. They give only to suit their own needs or agendas. And there are always strings attached so they can play you.

Of course there are different degrees of selfishness. It's the parents who let their children do anything they want because they don't want to be bothered or because they're afraid of losing their affection. Neither helps the child at all.

Love does not spoil, love acts responsibly. There has to be a moral compass to raise kids to be healthy adults....which is in their own best interest and the best interest of humanity and the world. If you coddle or neglect children, you raise self-indulgent, needy, spoiled people who put their own desires in front of what is right.

The motivating factor determines the degree of selfishness or selflessness. If you help someone with the expectation of getting something in return - you're being manipulative. Being helpful only to those that can help you or sucking up to those that have what you want - requires some inner reflection.

A life lived in the pursuit of personal gain without any consideration for others is empty and sad for little growth can occur.

"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind....."  Romans 12:2

How is the beast overcome? By merging with Soul Mind, it is the light in the darkness, the direct link to a greater reality - Divine Mind.

There we find direction, confidence, assurance. We find our path and our support. We can rely on this connection. You find that the conscious mind and your current persona are only a minuscule part of the whole you. You are a much greater being than you've ever imagined.

You realize that we all have our own greater self to which we are accountable and which will make sure we learn what it wants us to even if it takes thousands of lifetimes.

If you're on your spirit's path, you won't need to try to control or manipulate others for your own selfish desires. You need only to control yourself.

"I cast my burdens to the Christ within and I go free!"  Florence Scovel Shinn

Inner Light

When you allow your spirit to guide you, you'll be on the magic path in life, you will be astounded and amazed by what you encounter.

With higher mind, there is a duty and a calling. You desire to serve "the Light". To be in that position, you have to overcome the beast. That does not mean that you give in to everyone's whim and pleasure. It means that you act on behalf of higher good. You do what is right - whether you like it or not. You tell the truth - whether you like it or not.

When you make a commitment to serve - you are led to people and places that need your special brand of service. And there's no greater boost to your self esteem than to do or be a part of something worthwhile.

Self-centered people will never understand that because they are too busy looking for something to get out of it - they won't be free to receive the profound joy that comes from Our Creator.

Personal preoccupation is implosive - because that's where the energy is. Giving, helping, kindness, caring and compassion are explosive - they affect others and they take you out of yourself - which is what your soul wants.

Our Souls want us to help and love each other. And if it takes an eternity - we WILL learn to. It's better to get it now and avoid a lot of heartache!

Don't be so caught up with what you want that you fail to be there for others. The Mayans have a saying, "You are another me". This is the recognition that we are all part of The One.

Don't pass up opportunities to do good in the world - to elevate society - to give when you can, to care about the hurting in the human family. Give a smile, an understanding ear, a warm touch and a pat on the back. Share your prosperity. Give your soul the opportunity to shine.

The Self is precious. It deserves respect and consideration, love and appreciation. We will get what we need by honoring our selves and that of others in the great land of Earth.

Self Control

The Multifaceted Self

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