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Creator's Gift

Life is Creator's Gift. The driving force behind all things is the Supreme Intelligence from which energy springs and consciousness is born. Life is created through the directive desire of that Intelligence that many of us call God.

Why? Why not. If you or I was IT - all that is - what would we do? Dwell in nothingness? No, we would create and we do. First thing we would do is create companions, someone to share things with. We naturally seek out relationships. Once the ball gets rolling, it never stops, creation continues.

When we create companions, we don't want them to be mindless servants or carbon copies...we'd want them to have their own expression and personalities. Otherwise, they'd be real boring. Controlling everything would be a real drag. So free will is a must. Yet, there must be parameters. Natural laws then are necessary - self enforcing laws of nature to preserve the integrity of each realm of existence.

We love our offspring so much that we want to offer them worlds and dimensions of reality so that they can develop their own desires and creations too.

So we allow them the freedom and ability to pursue their desires on their journeys and hopefully learn to love and respect all life as the beautiful design that it is.

We have provided infinite possibilities for our children to explore so they will never get bored. They have to be accountable for their decisions and actions, otherwise they might become irresponsible and destructive. They have to be able to learn and to grow into the beautiful creatures they are destined to be. When they advance to become our perfect companions, we may let them create their very own universe!

Well, that's how my limited human awareness perceives it. The realm of Supreme Intelligence is vastly beyond human comprehension. My version is simplified, but it makes perfect sense to me. As a parent, I can relate.

Divine Design

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