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"As long as you are not aware of the continual law of 'Die and Be Again', you are merely a vague guest on a dark Earth."    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

What Webster says: reincarnation - "to endow a spirit with a new or different body".

So what about YOLO? Well, it has it's merits. We do reincarnate, but we also 'only live once' in a particular body, with our particular relatives and circumstances, in a particular time zone, with a unique outlook and experience. So yeah, we only live once in this respect.

That's a good reason to live to the fullest and not take your precious life for granted. The opportunities available and the genetics you have to work with are unique to this life. Be creative with it and navigate it with goodwill. What we do in this life DOES influence the scenario of the next one. 

Overcome grudges and bad habits so they won't follow you through reincarnation after reincarnation.

There are many theories about the exact nature and purpose of reincarnation, but the important thing is that we do. There is nothing new about it, it has been known throughout history and modern cases have been thoroughly documented.

"After all, it is no more surprising to me to be born twice

than it is to be born once."


Memories of Reincarnation

The first book I read on reincarnation was 'You Were Born Again to be Together' by Dick Sutphen. At age 15 it was mind opening. Since then I have read many opinions, schools of thought, research and personal experiences on the topic. And there are many!

At 22, I experimented with past life regression tapes with some success. As with all things 'mystical', I wanted to experience it for myself. The experience that I had was surprisingly different than I expected.

I was expecting a movie type visual sequence of events and people. Instead I received an instantaneous "block" of knowledge. It was like remembering a large segment of your life all at once.

I knew who I was, where I lived, who my other family members were and who they are now in this life, what kind of individual relationships we had, the love and the animosities between us and other details. The info was just there, I didn't have to think about it, I already knew. I simply remembered.

It was therapeutic in that it brought some issues in this life experience into perspective. I could see the reasons behind certain circumstances, experiences and relationships. Some questions were answered.

I didn't stick with the tapes because I found them distracting to my meditative experience. They seemed to prevent me from achieving deeper states of consciousness.

Over the years, I have had several spontaneous past life memories pop into my conscious mind due to some trigger. There is no doubt to me that we live other lives. It is not imagination as some claim. It annoys me when someone professes that something isn't real because THEY have no experience of it. How can someone tell you that your experience isn't real?

If you have a past life memory, you will know its validity with certainty because it is a part of you - forever!

Cycles of Spirit

Life from the void

From a metaphysical standpoint, life is not linear, but cyclical. Although we live our lives consciously in chronological order, life is more a series of cycles which overlap. 

We may live in a particular learning cycle for several years before moving out of it, yet at some point, we may have to revisit that cycle for some purpose.

A cycle is represented by a circle. When moving from one cycle to the next, the circle becomes a spiral. The spiral is the symbol for eternity and the path of the soul through evolution.

A birth through death cycle contains many cycles, but is no way the end of a life. We continue on living and experiencing illimitable facets of creation, or manifest reality.

As we know, our lives are not black and white, but many variations which are in a constant state of change, both internally and externally. We can better maneuver through our lives and let go of the actions of others when we realize that our lives are much more immense than we normally perceive. We are not anchored to the ideas, perceptions and acts of others unless we choose to be. 

We can free ourselves by (yes, I'm gonna say it..) FORGIVENESS. And this is why:

The universal principle, "you reap what you sow" is a profoundly accurate truth throughout all of existence - not just here in the 3D world.

I have heard people say many times, "Why is it that some people get away with crime and corruption? They never seem to pay for their actions". Valid question since we usually see things on the surface and we seldom know the whole story of someone else's life. Rest assured, all debts are paid and everything comes into balance. No one "gets away" with anything. Reincarnation assures that.

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"     Mark 8:36

The Light Tunnel

Another common statement is, "No one gets out alive." Yes, we all must pass through the portal of death of the physical body - but from death we rise again! We are reborn to journey on.

All of our baggage goes with us. We shed the body but not our energetic creations. We still are who we are and we are attached to the energies we have created.

Although we do have a new perspective, we still "own" our past deeds. Death is not an escape. It is an opportunity to recuperate, adjust and re-balance ourselves.

Some spirits stubbornly try to hold on to the life they just left. Others look for heaven (the light). Still others are overwhelmed with guilt and regret so they experience a self-created hell.

Each one of us comes face to face with ourselves - every word and deed, thought and emotion we ever had comes to greet us. Every effect caused through our actions becomes intimately clear.

This is the 'life flashing before your eyes' moment that many have experienced after dying then coming back to tell about it. The impact is so complete that you come into full awareness of the results of your life choices. This inspires most of us to want to return to make amends and make better choices when we do come back.  

This is an important step in planning our next life scenario, our re-incarnation.

Those that hang on to their recent life won't allow this revelatory experience to occur. They ignore anything that tries to direct their awareness from the life they are attached to. This is a type of purgatory.

Their motivations can be many. It may be a necessary stage of experience before they can leave according to individual circumstance and resolution.

Eventually, they will come back, they will reincarnate.

"Come back, come back, he will come back

for as long as the red earth rolls

God never squandered leaf nor tree,

why should he squander souls?"

Rudyard Kipling

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