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Healing Meditations

All healing meditations presented here begin with the preliminary foundation of setting up the environment and the three step prep. These are then followed by an imaging and affirming action.


is used to cleanse, fortify, release and restore your being to health and harmony.

Breathe in as deeply as you can, filling your lungs to capacity. Feel your entire body filling up with pure, healing energy. Visualize a brilliant white light filling all of your cells completely. Affirm as you go - "Every cell in my body and mind is filled with Divine healing light. It is cleansing and purifying all parts of my being."

Exhale through the mouth, pushing out as much air as you can while affirming, "I release all darkness and negativity from my being. I am cleansed, I am whole." Visualize gray or dark energy coming from your exhaled breath. Affirm, "All that is no longer needed is released completely from me, I am restored by love's light."

Again inhale and affirm the cleansing light filling your body. Visualize a beautiful sparkling energy filling you, penetrating every cell with sparkles of living light.

In healing meditations, you can make your own meaningful affirmations by using words with descriptive power, i.e., 'glistening', 'pulsating', 'purifying'...white light; and, 'fortifying', 'penetrating', 'energizing', 'transforming'... my cells. Words that incite imagery are the most powerful because they make an impact on the subconscious.

State with certainty - "I am healed"...adding a statement that is meaningful to you, i.e....."by the Divine light of Christ", "with the healing power of the universe", "by the love of my Creator", etc.

Exhaling with visuals and affirming statements helps you to release pent-up emotional energies which cause dis-ease and disharmony within the body, mind and energetic systems.

It is important in healing meditations to use statements like -

"I now release all anger and hostility that I feel towards others."

"All pain and discomfort now fades from my body."

"I let go of all hurt and disappointment within me as it no longer serves me."

"I release all negativity from my body, heart and mind - I now go free to create peace and harmony."

You can alternate different affirmations on each breath, providing you with a complete range of healing intentions in one session. Or, you can concentrate on a specific area of healing that you need.

I have an affirmation card by Florence Scovel Shinn on my desk that reads, "I deny this appearance of disease. It is unreal therefore it cannot register in my consciousness; I am a perfect idea in Divine Mind, pure substance expressing perfection."

This is an example of possible healing affirmations that can impact the subconscious. Since we are individuals, different words have different impacts on each of us. For all healing meditations, use words that are meaningful to you. You are basically programming yourself to accept these realities so that they are able to manifest for you. We are always creating our own realities through our energies of thought, emotion and action. Words are thoughts in action.

Continue the inhale and exhale procedure while using your powerful imagery and affirmations. Do not entertain thoughts or feelings of doubt. Have faith. Believe in your ability to heal - it is a God-given gift for all of us to use. All life is energy in motion. Use your energy to affect the change in your life that you desire.

When you have finished your session, give a statement of gratitude, i.e....

"I give thanks that my healing is complete."

"I am thankful that it is done."

"I am now whole and healed thanks to universal supply."

"Thank you Great Holy Spirit for thy will is done and I am free from _________."

Do not worry that you are offending Creator. Not possible. We are each loved unconditionally. Our Creator knows every aspect of each of us intimately and completely, and knows what is in our hearts. The goal is to make an impact within your own being. Whatever resides within, radiates without.


This is one of my favorite healing meditations. I use it when I feel like I'm 'coming down' with something or when I have a recurring problem.

First create a little helper for yourself. It can be male or female. Give it a name and a face. Visualize what he or she will look like including the type of clothing. Or you could ask for a healing helper to show itself to you and see what appears in your mind's eye.

Think of your little helper as a representative of your body's intelligence committee. That IS what you are tapping into - your body and mind's own knowledge and abilities, it's innate healing and reconstructing power.

In this healing meditation, your little helper will be working within your body and its systems to help you.

Enter into the meditative state. Call on your helper. See him or her clearly. Say thanks for coming. You will then direct your helper to the area or task you need help with. For example, if you are congested, you would start in the lungs. Direct and visualize your helper to vacuum up all the mucous in each lung, then proceed up the throat and into the sinuses. Use detailed imagery to see the job get done.

When finished, thank your helper and direct him to remove the mucous containing vacuum from your body and have it cleaned out and sanitized.

This technique can be used specifically for anything that needs to be cleansed or eliminated. You can do this as often as you need.

Don't be surprised if your little helper takes on a life of his own. He might give you suggestions or show you things you weren't aware of. Let him help you, that's his job. Of the many healing meditations, this is an interactive one. I have had good results with it.

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