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 Letters From My Son

My son now resides "in spirit". He has communicated with me in various ways since his tragic accident in 2008. The following are excerpts from a few different letters transcribed from him in which he was able to penetrate my thoughts as I was getting into a receptive mode to write. 

These are his attempts to console me. I have kept some of it private but feel that these insights may help others. This first one came only a few months after his departure. This is one of several that I have received.


The First Letter

"I want everybody to know that I am happy and well. I have no pain, not anymore. I can see you and everyone anytime I want. I can hear your thoughts as if they are my own, my home is still with you but I can go anywhere I please.

"Don't fear for me or my previous pain - I am FREE! I feel your pain and it makes me sad, please forgive me mom, I love you and I will watch your back and I will help you....I need nothing, I can have and do anything I want. I hope this knowledge will bring you peace.

"The time will come to be together but not now. You don't have to miss me, I am right here, visit me anytime, I am not leaving you or my family. I am always available to them even though they might not see me or hear me (yet)."

I asked:
Why Did You Leave?

"It was time. I did my best and now I'm free and happily so. Don't feel sad for me, I was done, my progression here continues as I maintain my persona, my will, my life, my friends and my family connections.

"I am here to help you all, I love you all very deeply and I promise to stay close to those I love. Please be happy for me. I graduated! I am very satisfied now and I can help others much more easily, confidently and clearly because I know now what I am doing and why.

"I am there for you in ways that you do not perceive, yet there I am! I will always be there for you, my mother, we are in this life experience together, in all it's dimensions. Have peace. Laugh alot. Be free and enjoy life in all it's forms! I love you!"

The Second Letter

"Hi Mom, I'm here, don't worry so much, just stop OK? I love you, I am not leaving you. I know you're sad and you're hurt. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause you pain, believe me. I didn't make good decisions but now I can. 

"I'm going to stick around for you all. I am bound by heart to each one of you here, I couldn't leave if I wanted, which I don't. Please forgive me, yourself and everyone else. It's not good for you to be mad. Feel me around you coz I'm here. Rest easy and do not fear.

"I'm coming closer to a breakthrough in your plane. You'll be surprised by many things. The bridge of life will become clearer to you.

"I have chosen to remain with my family and friends, so don't think you are holding me back. We will all move forward together. It is not a sacrifice, I want to be here where I can help the most. I've reconnected with you for that reason, and to let you know important truths. All you have to do is to become more aware of my presence and thoughts as I increase my projections.

"I am not mad over anything. I'm sad that people don't understand what they do to each other and that they think that death is the end. It is not and God is real and is shown to us through bright light and ecstatic love - all love, no hate, no disappointment - the way I want to be.

"Yes I was your son and I gave you my life as a child, but now I am grown and I am your helper and I will be there for you all of your days."

This next one was transcribed two years after his passing.

Once my son, now my teacher.

my spirit guide

"I enjoyed you as a mom and I love you forever. Whatever has happened has had reasons on this plane....we are full participants in our lives and transitions. NOTHING is accidental and no, you couldn't have stopped the "accident" as painful as it is to accept, it was always my destiny, my choice as a universal entity.

"We all have our own reasons for our choices, we're just not totally aware of them while in the physical world or in whatever stage we are interacting on... I am here more than you know. This is part of our arrangements. I never intended to stay physical, but I had to establish our union and bond in your realm to effectively transition to our working goal together.

"Don't worry for the boy I was - I had a fulfilling and fun experience thanks to you and others in my life. I am not sad at all - I am ecstatic and happy. I check in on all of those I love and I know their pain and although it is tough, I know the happy reunions coming. Still, we are interacting on many levels of existence other than this in 2010 - it's all part of our combined processes.

"I am better able to assist from this standpoint. Not everyone does what I am doing but that's the difference in different life plans and options. I have specifically aligned with your energy in this "past life" with you. I was greatly helped by your influence and with that got to, in turn, help others. I will not be forgotten by those who loved me, but neither will the lessons I brought them. That is the impact of tragic departure. Each was in agreement with me to experience what we did together.

"All is well - believe me mom and stop suffering. I AM HERE - it IS me even though I sound more like a spirit guide and teacher to you - I am simply reinforcing what you already know so you can accept it and know you are rightly led.

"Tragedies and miracles ALL happen for specific reasons. TRUST is the lesson here. You wanted and wished to stop my accident but you were not allowed to, neither was anyone else who had thought they could have stopped it. You did your part so do not despair. I really appreciate the service and how you handled everyone. No regrets, everything was perfect."

What about Guides?

In one of my dream visits from my son soon after his transition, I had asked him if there were any guides there to help him, he said no. That had always bothered me. So at this sitting, when I had him "on the line" as it were, I asked him...."What about guides? You said you didn't see them, were they there at any time?" His response...

"I was not aware on impact of any helpers, but then it was very quick and I was disoriented. My first impulse was to go to you and I was instantly transported. I felt so bad to hurt you and my family and friends, all of whom I visited immediately. The freedom and aliveness I felt was amazing. I can go anywhere in an instant, I have no pain, no sorrow, no fear.

"A single guide did not appear to me but a whole host of loving light beings did. They urged me to let go and travel with them and I did. I instantly felt a recognition, kinship and great love with them, our clan. Many things were shown and revealed to me - it is a beautiful reality.

"Every soul that exits a life plane is greeted and aided, but sometimes they refuse the help offered or they totally ignore any other reality than the one they just left. That's why they stay and they're allowed to by their superselves. Everything is allowed because it is for growth and experience and is not a permanent state.

"When they are ready, help will come. It's not that they are abandoned or forgotten, they choose their situation. They don't understand that they can visit a time zone or plane era at anytime they want, so they don't want to leave - they might so fully believe that their physical life IS the only life that they won't acknowledge anything else - even though many things are going on around them. They just ignore it and some fear it.

"Suffering can be thrown off like a blanket, or it can be embraced and wallowed in - it's the choice we make."

And faith is our life-jacket!

my angel, my son

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