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I never thought of myself as a psychic but I have had numerous experiences with the spirit world. I have had premonitions, clairaudience, clairsentience, prophetic dreams, intuitive knowing, guided and inspirational writing, past life memories, spirit sightings, telepathic conversations and visions.

Here are a few of my supernatural encounters with "the other side" :

My Little Brother

The most impactful experience was hearing my newly deceased brother calling my name.

The night of his death, I was writing from inspiration. It turned out to be like a 'goodbye and don't cry for me' letter. I had no idea that two of my brothers would be killed in a freak accident that same night.

I got the call about the accident the next morning. We lost both my younger brother and my stepbrother at the same time. It was a shock to say the least. They were 19 and 21 years old. I was also 21 at the time. It was the absolute worst thing that had happened to our families.

It would seem that growing up in a spiritual family would have helped to alleviate some of the heartache. I was instead devastated and I cried for many years, sometimes screaming with music up as loud as possible.

I was living in another state at the time of the accident. My brother had just visited me a few months earlier. I never dreamed that it would be the last time I'd see him in this world.

When I arrived at my Mother's house before the funeral, I immediately noticed my brother's picture on the wall. I completely broke down, slumped on the couch and started crying and talking to his picture. I kept asking him why he left us. I suddenly heard him distinctly call my name as if yelling at me from a distance. I had never heard spirit before. I was in awe and excited at the same time. It was unmistakeable, he was trying to get my attention to tell me he was ok. I've always been so grateful that he got through to me.

I was so excited that I tried to ask him many questions. I probably drowned out any response with my own blabbering mind! I became mad at myself about that because I was unable to hear anything else. The important thing was that he got through! There was no doubt that he was alive and well!

My brother was living with our Grandparents at the time of the accident. He had just got his own place and was set to move the next day. My Grandmother said that he moped around all day and said he wasn't feeling well. When he left her house that day, it was for the last time.

Was he having a premonition?

Several years later, some of the family was sitting around Grandma's dining room table. Her house always had supernatural activity. We had many reports from the small grandchildren. We were talking about some of the activity when I turned towards the hall in time to see a mass of white energy quickly glide into the guest room which was my brother's room when he lived there. That was another first for me. I had never seen such a thing before. It was not transparent, it was opaque.

I assumed that it was my brother. I went to look into the room and it was visibly empty. I just said 'HI, I love you'.

Visiting Spirits

This occurrence happened fairly recently...spirit activity in my house comes and goes, probably because I do cleansing rituals now and then and they leave.

I kept having a feeling at night that there was something at the sliding glass door by the dining room. One night I saw an orb-like light shoot in front of this same door towards our freezer. It was about the size of a baseball. I was curious but blew it off. For the next few days, I kept seeing a short white energy go back and forth in front of the freezer, by the table.

I told my husband that I thought we had a little spirit in the house. It seemed like a child. I wondered who it could be and why it was here. Around this same time, my 21 month old grandchild who lives with her parents in an adjacent wing of the house, started climbing out of her crib and sometimes falling.

Late one night I was sitting on the couch when my son-in-law came home from work. As he started up the front porch steps, I saw the little spirit zoom towards the front door. I could feel an excitement as if this spirit was happy to see him and was running to greet him at the door.

The next day I told him about it. He said that it might be his baby brother that died as an infant. I wondered if this spirit was influencing my grandbaby. It didn't sit well with me.

I sometimes have graphic images or statements flash clearly into my awareness when I'm in a relaxed state. I had one such image before all this started. I saw a small child about the age of 3 or 4 that was lying under a car with only her legs showing. It seemed like a female. I began to think that it was related.

There was other activity in the house too. Banging noises after going to bed, the sounds of walking through the house, lights I decided I'd had enough. I commanded every spirit to leave and go to the light or somewhere else. I stated that the only ones that were welcome to stay are relatives. I visualized the house and property filled with pure white light.

The activity stopped. The little spirit is gone. Now I kind of miss her but I tell myself it's for the best. If she is lost, she needs to find her place, and she will if she follows the light.

A Guide Makes Herself Known

A week or so later, I started to get the feeling that someone was wanting to communicate with me. I got out a notebook and got set to write any impressions that came. I saw a woman's face, as I tried to draw her, she tells me her name and says that she is a guide for my granddaughter and that they were close friends in a past life together.

I asked her if she had a message. She said, "yeah, quit trying to run me off every time you get frustrated with spirits." I had to laugh (and apologize). So now I'll be sure to exempt her from my tirades.

Don't Mess with the Big Dogs

I was working on a page for this site a while back. Although I started with a written version of the page, it became mainly a guideline as I added more text during the typing process, a lot more! It just naturally developed as I went along. I was feeling that it was close to being finished as I tweaked and re-tweaked, but when I pushed the backspace key, the whole page instantly disappeared!

I was flabbergasted, upset isn't strong enough, I was mad! I could not believe that all that unrecorded work was gone. In the first place, the backspace should not have exited the page, and secondly, why would my spirit helpers or higher self let that happen? I threw all kinds of fits...I was furious. I decided, with some not so nice words, that I just did not care anymore. Somehow I took it personally.

Was it a sign to scrap the page, the site? I felt betrayed by my guides who work with me and let them know about it. I demanded that they prove themselves. I basically said that I quit unless they proved to me that they were there to work with me and that it mattered. I said, 'I am not doing this by myself'.

A week went by and I hadn't received any messages or response. I hadn't even thought about attempting to continue with the site. I was over it. (Stubbornness is one of my greatest faults) Then my husband and I were awakened about 2:30 a.m. by a loud banging on our bedroom
door. It had a rhythm - Bang, Bang...bang,bang,bang! Normally, I would have been working at the computer at that time.

We immediately jumped up saying "What?!" We just thought it was one of our kids. We opened the door and nobody was there. We went through the house only to find that everyone was asleep and all was quiet. Even the dog was asleep.

We looked at each other and said, "spirit". Then went back to bed. I knew then that was their sign to me. I said, "ok, I get it, thanks." I went back to work on the site the next day. Amazingly, the page was rebuilt probably better than the first time as they helped me reconstruct it.

We have retold this occurrence to a few folks that we know, they just cannot believe it. They try to debunk it as if it's an impossibility. No, we weren't having a joint dream, and our teenage daughter did not bang on our door and take off running to pretend to be asleep, nor did we imagine it.

I knew exactly what it was about. I was being told, "Get back to work!!" And yes, I am grateful for the acknowledgement and ashamed of my childish behavior. They did give me a week to stew.

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