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The Language of Spirit

  The language of Spirit IS the language of symbology. Spirits of all kinds communicate with us through symbols we can understand. From mental & physical images to songs, words & phrases, "disembodied" beings, as well as those embodied send telepathic messages in an effort to communicate with us. Even plants, animals & other creatures that we share life with interact this way, both by sending & receiving symbolic images, especially our pets & house plants.

Ask any psychic how they receive messages. Yes, they do hear words and feel physical & emotional sensations, but often are shown images. When a person works with particular spirits on a regular basis, they usually have an established symbolic code with the spiritual beings they interact with.

Using the Language of Spirit to Communicate with Spiritual and Interdimensional Realms

10 of cups & rune stones

We use symbols when working with the Tarot or other cards, runes, dice, etc. for divination & guidance from a Divine source. These methods use a specific set of meanings that become a reference file of symbolism within the mind once you become accustomed to a particular system.

Your spirit guides or your higher self will use these meanings to give you messages. This is how they commonly communicate with us's the language of spirit.

You can create your own symbolic code by creating a repertoire of symbols and assigning meanings to them. To be useful to you, they must be consistent, meaningful & logical to you. Since we are telepathic beings, Spirit knows what symbols mean what to you, no need to explain.

If you choose to develop your own spiritual language for communicating with your Spirit, guides, and subconscious self, make sure YOU know what the meanings are. Keep a notebook for reference until you have them consciously ingrained into your mind. The subconscious will remember everything, but the conscious mind might not be able to retrieve them when needed. Start simple and build from there.

Some symbols are ancient and their meanings have been passed down through time & cultures, often being reinterpreted. It's best to use existing meanings for simplicity's sake. Although you can't change the energetic power of a symbol, you can decide what it means to you for the purpose of communication.

Symbols of Nature

Symbolic language opens the door for the universe to commune with you. When my first grandchild was a baby, I took her out in my yard to show her around. I told her about the fairies and what they do around the yard. I then saw a four leaf clover. I knew it was a gift from the fairy realm. As I knelt down to show her, they seemed to pop up everywhere. I counted thirty in one spot. I told her that they were very happy that I introduced her to them. It was remarkable and magical.

Skeptics might say that the clovers were already there and I just happened to see them. But I know better. I spent alot of time in my yard. I knew it well. I could also hear a faint melodic sound. Indeed a blessed demonstration of the magical realm of the Fae.

Since that time, the four leaf clover has become a symbol to me from my fairy friends. I see them without looking. They just pop into view as I walk. I'm residing in a different place now, but no matter where I go, the phenomenon continues. I might be walking, weeding, or out and about and they just happen to be there when I look down. It seems they call out to me. When I try to find them, I usually don't. I always say thanks when I receive them. Their message is one of love, reassurance or just hello, depending on the moment in which they arrive.

I have a long-time friend that I don't see very often anymore, he's like a brother to me. I traveled to see him a few years ago. As I was leaving his house, I went to get in my car which was parked on a gravel lot outside his back door, it was there I saw a cute little four leafer by my car door, growing in the rocks. I laughed and said, "you are kidding me!" I had to pick it of course as it was beckoning me.

I have them stuffed in notebooks and books everywhere. They remind me of the elemental beings that accompany us in life even though we are usually unaware of them. A blessing & reminder to be aware of the relations around us - ALL our relatives.

In Creator's Mind (which IS all of existence) everything is possible! Our existence proves it. We are symbolic aspects of our spirit selves. We are real but we are not. We come and go and come back again. It is our spirit - the electric spark of Creator's mind - that is real.

Symbols are the tools that aid, influence and facilitate communication between people, nature, spirits and realms, they are the language of Spirit.

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