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Heart Light

The mindful effect

When I see a smile, I go the extra mile,

  when I see a frown, it brings me down.

Joy and laughter is contagious -

Give a smile and a good wish

and it'll return to you, with thrift

Reality's Dream

Flight of Dreams

This is the dream. The dreamer, that's me.

The great dream...I'm breathing it.

I control it, with the dreaming mind.

To awake, I must sleep,

or put my mind on hold, suspend the physical.

This is a dream, the dream traveler, that's me.

Hopping from dream to dream...

merely altering shades of illusion,

changing focus with the flip of a switch,

switching experience into memories,

and memories into infinity.

Today - a new dream,

new but old.

It's been in the shadows,

but now I touch it.

With my breath it becomes real.

Mirrors, windows and doors, all reflections.

Enter if you will, the dream.


My Life, my Lord, my Law...the meanings entwine

giving me calmness...serenity sublime

Today I the world that I see

my senses heart is set free.

No boundaries encase me...I'm at home with myself

Tomorrows uncertainty...sits on the shelf.

When I this world once again

I will find my connection within.


Love me without fear

Trust me without question

Need me without demanding

Want me without restriction

Accept me without change

Desire me without inhibition

For a love so free

Will not fly away.



prompts the asking,

And our waiting heart believes,

Then we surely can petition,

Knowing he who asks receives.


praying angel


Don't be harsh with the man who sins,

Or pelt him with "words of stone",

Unless you're sure, yes doubly sure,

That you've no sins of your own.


A Life Well Lived

Don't worry 'bout the body

when you leave it behind,

it belongs to the Earth

if we need to remind.

No elaborate funereal dressing

need be applied,

just return to Earth,

exhibiting no pride.

No prayers, chants, stones nor plants

are needed to get thee by,

for a life well lived is sufficient

to get thee on High.

Crossing the River

How do I cross the river

that lays between

the world we know

and the one unseen?

In a boat of truth

that gets a shove

from a barge of faith

and a tug of love.


It Matters

It matters not

what yesterday was

or was not.

But action of today

will mold and shape

a future day!


Palace and Kingdom

"I gave my son a palace

and a kingdom to control;

The palace of his body,

The kingdom of his soul."

Julia Ward Howe 1819-1910

Author of  "Battle Hymn of the Republic"


"Faith is the subtle chain

Which binds us to the infinite;

the voice

Of a deep life within,

that will remain

Until we crowd it thence."

Elizabeth Oakes Smith 1806-1893

This, Too, Shall Pass Away

"Since life is short, we need to make it broad;

Since life is brief, we need to make it bright;

Then keep the old king's motto well in sight,

And let its meaning permeate each day

Whatever comes - "This, too, shall pass away."

Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1855-1919

A Life Given... the highest honor

when given to assist

the present and the future

of humanities quest,

improving life on earth.

It is the goal

of the Most High

that love be exemplified

and showered outward

in caring forms

reaching far and wide...

to give rest to the weary,

to give hope to the downtrodden,

to give rise to freedom,

to give joy to the sad,

and in every way,

to replenish hearts and minds.


Thought is deeper than all speech,

Feeling deeper than all thought;

Souls to souls can never teach

What unto themselves was taught.

Christopher Pearse Cranch 1813-1892

Growing Old

Don't trouble more to celebrate this natal day of mine,

But keep the grasp of fellowship which warms us more than wine.

Let us thank the lavish hand that gives world beauty to our eyes,

And bless the days that saw us young, and years that made us wise.

Julia Ward Howe 1819-1910


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