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Prayers and Praise

Great Creator,

You are my light in the darkness.

My hope amidst uncertainty.

You are my temple in the world of structures.

The core that I always cling to.

You are the song that I resonate to.

I AM your life that you have given freely.

I AM the breath of your creation.

I AM your flower that you feed.

I AM for you to lead.

In your heart I live, I love, I AM.

I thank you, Amen.


I thank you, that I may have the awareness today -

to walk in beauty and compassion -

as you lead me in your way.


Free me from my fears

Free me from my doubts

Free me from my enemies

within and without.

Free me from my sorrows

Free me from my pain

Free me from my selfishness

renew my heart again.

Free me from anger

Free me from unrest

Free me from pettiness

Help me do my best.


Spirit reveal to me

the action that needs to be

flowing freely from me

to unfold our purpose outwardly.

garden angel


Great Creator - Source of Life -

Help us to see and appreciate the beauty you have bestowed upon us and our paths.

Let us not succumb to hardship, but instead rise to greet every challenge and overcome every obstacle.

Though we may stumble and fall, You are ever-present to lift us up and guide us to completion,

for no mountain is too steep nor valley too deep for us to traverse when you are by our side.

With you it is an easy task, and difficulty fades as we hold to the master plan.

We are renewed and exalted by Your loving hand.


Help us forgive those that appear to tread upon us.

Fill us with your understanding and compassion so that we may release them from our grudges...

thus freeing us to live a life of joy and prosperity as we too are forgiven.

So be it. Amen


Great Creator -

How can we exalt You - but by Your Loving Hand.

Shine Your Light before us - so we may walk in truth.

Speak Your Wisdom through us - so we may honor You.

Lead us by Your Glory - so we may share Your Grace.

Fill us with Your Love - so Your Flock we may embrace.

Great Holy Spirit

Walk with us, talk with us,

lead us to our highest good.

Place your desire within our hearts

so we may walk in a sacred way

with esteem for life,

generosity towards others,

and the purity of true love,

Your Love, Your Light,

Eternal LIFE!

Thank You!

Oh Let Thou Great Spirit

enter my soul

so that I may lead

a life pure and whole

And to those around

may they be blessed

by Thy Holy Hand

and Thy Love expressed.

Dear God, You Are...

the source from which we spring,

like a flower, perennial.

Ever growing

blooms unfolding

strength flowing

from your fertile soil

our roots are eternally bound.

A Prayer

"And so upon this wise I prayed,-

Great Spirit, give to me

A heaven not so large as yours

But large enough for me."

Emily Dickenson 1830-1886

This I pray, on this day that I will not stray from thoughts of beauty, hope and courage, and goodwill towards others.

Fill me with your vision, let me see your way. This I pray my Papa, this and every day.

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