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Affirmational Index

This affirmational index is to provide statements of empowerment to insert into your subconscious mind in order to instill positive inner attitudes and beliefs to help you create the energies that you want in your life.

Repetition, consistency and confidence are needed for effective programming. Keep it simple and FEEL your statements. Infuse them with joy.

These are examples. Feel free to use them as is, modify, or create your own. Make them meaningful. They should strike a chord within you.



  • I am free from fear as the Angels of Light surround me always.
  • My spirit has a plan and a goal for my life, I honor that by never shying away from the opportunities that come my way.
  • It is my Divine right to exist and pursue every beautiful dream in my heart.
  • I am a child of the Most High bestowed with many gifts and talents. It is my joy and pleasure to develop and use them to my greatest ability.


  • My path to fulfillment is clear, my actions are sure and I am confident as I follow the inspiration of High Mind.
  • "I am the open door that no man can shut". I am on the magic path of my highest good. No one can put asunder that which is divinely ordained for my life.
  • I am attuned to High Mind, my path is clear and my future is assured. 
  • I am guided through the intuition of my higher self to uncover and navigate the divine design for my life.


  • I forgive all those who have hurt or disappointed me, knowingly or unknowingly, as I too am forgiven.
  • I give thanks for the forgiveness bestowed upon me which washes me whiter than snow!
  • I am set free from every burden upon my heart as I am filled with the blessing of forgiveness.
  • I now afford everyone in my life the same unconditional forgiveness that my Creator gives to me!


  • I am wealthy in health and healthy in all expressions of being.
  • Divine love flows through me, healing every aspect of my being.
  • "I am perfect sight and healing, I am the manifest perfection of being, I am the illimitable light of God made manifest everywhere."
  • Every molecule in my body is filled with the healing light of the Most High, bringing me back into balance and harmony. I am whole, I am healed.


  • I am One with true love. My perfect mate is now on his/her way to me.
  • I am a magnet for the right mate and he/she is magnetized to me.
  • My divinely designed relationship is now manifest in my life. We cannot deny each other as we are eternally unified.
  • My heart is filled as I now am filled with love's wonder which opens the door for my true beloved to enter.
  • What has happened for others now happens for me as I am        joined with the true love intended for my journey through life.       


  • As a child of the Divine, I am afforded all the riches of the kingdom of universal supply.
  • I am on the magic path of life, all my needs and requirements are met in great supply and without delay.
  • The law of prosperity greets me with open arms, showering me with all the right desires of my heart and I am fulfilled.
  • I give thanks that great abundance now flows to me, all around me and filling every aspect of my life with joy.

Psychic Development

  • I am One with High Mind. I can see with the eyes of High Mind, I can feel with the awareness of High Mind, I can hear with the ears of High Mind. Truth is made clear to me.
  • I am now aware of all that is around me both seen and unseen. I can discern the here and now from probable and possible realities.
  • I am a clear channel for Divine inspiration, insight, truth and wisdom. I am a servant of the Most High.
  • As my mind is opened and my heart is filled, I am in direct communication with truth and wisdom from higher mind.

Self Esteem

  • Before my conception, I was formed in the mind of God as a precious soul that will forever be cherished and loved unconditionally and without hesitation.
  • "I am a son of God, I am a light in the Holy Mountain of God."
  • I value myself and I value my life. I exist for a reason and I am loved beyond it and for eternity. I need no excuse nor plea because I AM and I have a right to BE!
  • I am that I am, a glorious spirit expressing through humanity. Divine love surrounds me and fills my heart and soul.

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