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Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is the day to honor all mothers, including the mother within...the life-giver, the nurturer, the care-taker.

The Mothering Instinct

It is the mothering instinct that dwells within us all which seeks to adore and care for other people, plants, animals, etc. It is the desire to give of yourself to help another. It is the desire to tend to the emotional body as well as the physical. Mothers want to feed you and make sure you have what you need.

Part of loving yourself is to direct the mothering instinct towards yourself. You must take care of yourself. When you are taken care of, you have more to give to the world.

There are many kinds of mothers and not all mothers are birth-givers - some aren't even relatives. The world is full of a variety of mothers - biological, "step", adoptive, surrogate, foster, grands, friends, relatives, teachers, even neighbors!

The mother lode is where treasures lie - A mineral matrix is the mother rock or substance in which gems and crystals are formed ( a matrix representing the womb).

A mother hen watches over her chicks. A lioness is protectress of the pride - fiercely defending at all costs; the warrior woman strikes to uphold truth, fairness and love. She is Athena using her abilities to ensure justice. The truth is her sword, she cuts away the myths of female frailty, proving that she can be as great a hunter as any man.

All these are aspects of the Divine Feminine - the great nurturing heart of life...the intuitive feeling, no words or analysis needed, just pure love.

Great Mother

It's fitting that Mother's Day is in the springtime - when life springs forth from our Great Mother, the Earth - whom after the gestation of winter, gives birth to her numerous children.

She is not the Creator of Spirit, She is the facilitator of Spirit - She gives form and supplies Her children with every need for their life expression within Her domain. Her body is Her nest where She coddles and births, yet enforces limits so that Her children can learn and grow and become wise.

Her love is unconditional. She feeds, clothes and shelters the "good" and the "bad". Her opportunities for life expression are for ALL Her children - plants, animals, insects, as well as humans. All receive Her bounty in whatever form they require. She provides endless possibilities for Her children's experience.

We each experience our Great Mother differently. We have our own personal experience with Her - just as our siblings each have a unique relationship with our human mothers.

Although our Great Mother pushes us out of our comfort zone through various means, forcing us to grow and develop, She also provides rest and nourishment, a place to refresh and soothe our souls along the journey.

So do those who choose to be mothers, mothering figures or mothering folk. They are always there for you with open arms even though sometimes they must say no.

In our honoring of motherhood, let's not forget to extend our loving gratefulness to our Earth Mother. Without Her body and generosity, we couldn't exist or survive in this arena of life. Protect your Mother Planet, She's a vibrant hostess.

It is said that everyday is Earth Day, so too is everyday Mother's Day.

The Imperfect Mother

Our mothers are not always what we want them to be or expect them to be. Not every mother is a maternal being. Life is not a fairy tale. I've never known of a perfect mother - they are all subject to the many qualities and fluctuations of being human.

Many influences affect the women who become mothers. Maybe they weren't guided well in their upbringing, maybe they didn't feel loved or wanted, or weren't treated well.

Allowances have to be made in those situations. There is NO excuse for abuse and you do not have to be involved with those that abuse you.

Forgiveness is a beautiful gift that we can give, sometimes it's the best gift, even on Mother's Day. Our parents can teach us to forgive by needing our forgiveness.

No matter what has happened in your relationship with your mother, remember that she was the vessel for your entry into the world. She lent her body and part of her life so that you could come into this world.

As any female that has given birth can tell you - it ain't no picnic! Some have more problems than others, but we all sacrifice through personal suffering.

Mothering is the hardest and the most under-appreciated job in the world. Don't let Mother's Day go by without showing your appreciation.


Being a mother is a great privilege and joy! The spirits that come to you to be your children (and grandchildren) have blessed you with a great opportunity to be an influencing factor in their development and life path. The responsibility is HUGE and can be difficult, but the rewards are great.

Our children come through us, but they do not belong to us. They are independent spiritual beings with their own life to fulfill, just as we are.

Enjoy them when they're young. They change and grow so fast, before you know it, they're BIG! Sometimes they just think they are. But so did we. The hindsight cliche' is so true.

Appreciate their adorability while you still can. Something amazing happens when they become teenagers, they suddenly know everything and are skillfully adept. They don't need you anymore, they say they are completely capable and, well, you're too old to know the things that they do.

You are UNCOOL, somewhat of a fool and often an embarrassment. Granted, not all teens are this way, just the majority and to different degrees. They're no fun anymore. So again, enjoy them while they're little!!

My Grandmother told me that when her oldest son came home from the military, he said (with a straight face) that it's amazing how much her and my Grandfather had learned while he was away.

They, being the good natured people that they were, just laughed. I would've had to call him out on that!

P.S. Don't forget about Grandmothers on Mother's Day.

I've been accused of being an over-protective mother. My response is that I have the right, that's my job as pack leader. I have to trust myself and do what I feel is best. Those spirits came to me for a reason, so they wanted the guidance that I could provide.

Parenting is a learning process. Its a hands on, figure it out as you go, job. None of us are perfect (I know, I say that alot) and we all have regrets. That doesn't make us bad parents, its just another part of learning for all involved.

So don't beat yourself up for making mistakes. As long as you love your children and take care of them, it will work out.

Reach out to those mothering souls, even if they are not yours, and let them know that they are appreciated.

Happy Mother's Day to All Mothers!

Mom, if you're reading this, thanks for being an example of honesty, integrity and independent thinking while raising me in an environment of humor and freedom. See ya soon, Luvs!

Happy Mother's Day!

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