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Mother's Day Poetry

Butterfly on Lilac Bush

What Is A Mother

A mother is that someone

Who is always close at hand

To give advice when needed

or to simply understand.

A mother gives you all her love

No matter what you do

And even when you make mistakes

She still believes in you.

A mother is a cheerful smile

A word of sympathy

And everything that makes a home

The nicest place to be.

A mother is so wonderful

No words describe her worth

And mother it's for certain

You're the dearest one on earth.

My Alter

I have worshiped in churches and chapels

I've prayed in the busy street.

I've sought my God and found him

where the waves of His ocean beat.

I have knelt in the silent forest

in the shade of an ancient tree.

But the dearest of all my alters

was raised at my mother's knee.

Blue Rose

My Mother

"Who ran to help me when I fell

And would some pretty story tell

Or kiss the place to make it well?

My Mother"

Ann Taylor 1782-1866

Mother's Glee

Mother of sweet indeed

Who's love falters not...and from whom I receive

The gift of life...and sweet melodies

My heart is eyes deeply see

That I am the source...of my mother's glee!


"Mother" is a smile

That seems to chase our cares away,

An understanding look

That tells much more than words can say...

"Mother" is a word of praise

That calms our doubts and fears...

"Mother" is the love

That we can count on through the years."

G. W. Douglas

To The Queen (1851)

"Her court was pure; her life serene;

God gave her peace; her land reposed;

A thousand claims to reverence closed

In her as Mother, Wife, and Queen."

Lord Alfred Tennyson 1820-1914

A Mother doesn't have to be a biological bearer of children.

I've met many a mothering figure,

from in-laws to grandmas,

from care-takers to strangers.

You know by their love that they're nurturing souls.

They give and share, look out for and advise,

the mothering instinct shines from their eyes.

They're hearts are full to overflowing,

their compassion runs deep.

They make you feel

that life is sweet.

Pink Lily

To All Mothers : Thank You and Bless You !

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  Mother's Day

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