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The Power and Significance of Color

The power of color comes from its energetic properties. Different rays are produced by different vibrational frequencies of light. Each frequency has a different effect on our energetic selves - mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and etherial. These energies affects us in layers, influencing the finer levels of being and culminating at the physical level.

Light is radiant energy - electromagnetic vibrational waves that radiate outward (travel on rays). Sunlight contains all the colors in the spectrum, those that are visible to us and those that are not, i.e., infrared, radio, ultraviolet, etc.

We see the wavelengths which are reflected off of objects and substances as color. We do not see the radiant waves that are absorbed by a subject. The properties attributed to the reflective waves of light is what stimulates an energetic response within us.

Light as Consciousness

Light is a symbol of consciousness. The sun as a source of our light on earth, is the ancient symbol of God - the source and center of consciousness and sustenance. Light refracted into rays, represents the many facets of consciousness.

The visible spectrum of light, manifesting as color variations to us, are the energetic rays of human experience. Through these vibrations, we are diversified and have diverse opportunity for expression.

The many variations of the seven distinct rays of the spectrum, also have many variations or gradations within them, offering many levels of experience and influence for humanity within the seven strands of energy.

Color vibration has its equivalent in numbers and sound. They resonate across the board as different expressions of the same energetic qualities of vibration. All vibration has sound. These energy tools influence us whether we recognize it or not. By becoming aware of these influences, we can consciously direct their energies to assist us in our expression and experience.

Chromotherapy is an ancient science whose value has been proven throughout the ages and is still in use today. Ancient Egypt, India and China all had knowledge of the power of color and a system for its use.

The Hindu scientist, Dinshah Ghadiali, researched chromotherapy and its effects with great success for many years before publishing 'The Spectro Chrome Metry Ency' in 1933. He purports that "colors represent chemical potencies in higher octaves of vibrations". He developed a complete system for chromotherapy which has influenced an industry of practitioners.

Many have studied and used the power of chromotherapy throughout the modern era, clearly showing the effects on humans, plants and animals as a valid form of therapy.

The human system is a system of light energy. We ARE light bodies. We radiate and absorb energy constantly. Imbalances in the system brings about illness and aberrations of personality. Color and sound can bring the system back into balance by harmonizing energetic arrangements of light energy within, refilling the voids caused by the lack of certain energies and relieving the congestion or overload of others.


Each ray is a vibrational stream of consciousness. The colors people use reflect the elements of their focus and personality. We are attracted to the energetic rays that we respond to or align with. Another reason we are attracted to some folks and repelled by others.

Hues and Tones

Pastel - elevated by white. Spiritual value inserted into vibratory force. Softened, genteeled, reflective. Brings higher aspect of energy. Represents high ideals and desires.

Muted - darkened with the presence of added coloration, usually brown or black. Energy changes to a 'lower' expression, becoming impure, heavy or dense. Represents hidden emotions or activities, or a desire for inner comfort and solitude.

Pure - most pristine in quality, uplifting. Brings clarity of purpose and manifestation of energy. Represents truth, openness and creativity.


Some of us learned that ROY G BIV is the representative of the seven rays of visible light. ROY : Red, Orange ,Yellow are the warm, energetic, active and expansive rays. While G : Green is neutral, balanced and equalizing. BIV : Blue, Indigo, Violet are the cool, calming and constricting rays.

Color Guide : Applications & Therapeutic Use



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