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Body Temple

Intro : This article is a blast from the past. I wrote it when I was twenty-five for a homespun magazine that was started by my Grandmother. It was called "The Psychic Wheel".

The 'Body Temple' was derived from a personal experience, one of those clarity moments when you are in a heightened state of awareness.

Originally titled, "Bodily Temple/The Physical Vehicle"

I awoke one night filled with a great love towards my body. My relationship with my body, both the separateness and the intimacy, became at once apparent. I was overwhelmed by the clarity and emotion of the moment.

The perception brought about a new respect for my body as an individual, unique creature. I realized that this creature is a conscious living being in it's own right, capable of existing with or without my presence in it.

Each cell has its own consciousness and is fully aware of its own reality and function, yet not necessarily aware of the entire body. This is analogous to the ego and personality having a limited awareness of the total being of which it is part. It is such so that the illusions of this reality may seem real and therefore the anticipated learning experience is assured.

Physical pain prevents the entity from taking the body totally for granted. Acting as insurance until the entity evolves into a "higher" or more aware state of consciousness. When the body is paid the proper respect, the entity presiding, and the body itself, will enjoy a much fuller relationship and physical experience.

In my moment of awakening, I became particularly passionate towards my hands. As I touched different areas of my body, I experienced a powerful healing flow. This flow has been apparent many times during this life, but this time the sensation was more clearly perceived.

I became aware that while my body was a being giving service to me, my hands were of the greatest service, giving not only to me, but also to my body and to others. I found that I could soothe any part of my physical (body temple) merely by laying my hand on it.

It was apparent that the love I felt at the time, was the origin of the intense energy flow that I was experiencing. That brings into light the important ingredient in the healing process...which is love.

When love is the motivator in a touch, healing takes place. The extent of the healing is determined by the mental and/or emotional blocks of the entity involved.

Self healing is very effective. A person knows his own mental processes and therefore can be his own analyst; and being such, can search for the causes of physical ailments and "accidents". I mention accidents because it is the vibration set up by one's thought patterns and emotions which set the stage for events in this reality. Just as we create the image of what we think we are, we create the circumstances in our lives according to our beliefs and expectations.

Our body temple does not give us disease nor limit our expression. The body is a teacher if we are willing to listen to its discomfort and understand its language. It teaches by manifesting habits of mistake into physical reality.

A basic guideline of physical interpretation is that if the ailment is visible, the entity is prepared to explore the cause; if the ailment is internal or difficult to diagnose, the entity is avoiding the problem by an unwillingness to accept responsibility for the cause, or by a reluctance to grow, or even by fearing the origin of the cause. In short, the personality is unwilling or unprepared to face the problem.

Be kind to your body temple, a creature of service, of total surrender; its life has been dedicated to you - for your learning and for your joy!

Bless your physical vehicle with your love. Pamper it with massage, relaxing baths and restful sleep. Strengthen it with exercise, dance and fresh foods. Beautify it by expressing your GOD-SELF qualities. Your body is your is the image of your beliefs about yourself. Your body temple is God's temple. Go within and have communion with your God, your guides and your God-Self, and emerge refreshed.

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